Alpha King M870 Shotgun

Hi guys,
Not sure maybe a bit of a silly question so apologies if it is.
Has anyone found any source of where to buy the an M870 shotgun? I’ve looked everywhere I can and everywhere has sold out. Even tac edge website doesnt have it on there so unsure if they have any in stock in qnslnd.
Does anyone know when new stock is going to be distributed to stores?

Any clarification would be much appreciated cheers :+1:

I gave up. Went for the m97 instead.
Apparently not that many made .

I asked tac edge and they said mid May.
Yes its June.

Try find 2nd hand maybe.

Dammit! I held it when it first came out at tac edge but didn’t think anything of it back then. Should’ve sent it and bought couple :joy::sob:

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I’d recommend the S1897 bro

Guess who got it back in stock :heart_eyes:


Oooh Im in!!!
Hopefully theyll still have stock for a few days.

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The truck with the stock leaves for Adelaide late next week and I can’t wait that long because I’ve been waiting ever since I posted this topic so I sent it and ordered online w/ express shipping :joy::ok_hand:

Woohoo ones coming express. Now for those brass remington shells
Edit: got 2 packs for now cause that was $90 ffs

I ordered mine Friday but hasn’t been shipped yet and I paid for express :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:.

Bruh what where did you get them from? I bought 4 packs from tac edge only $140. $35 each?

Damn I want one of these. I know they aren’t practical for games but they just look like fun

M130 spring and bobs your auntie. I mean I’m getting a shell catcher so it will be practical for cqb :heart_eyes::ok_hand:


Aussie fun times on ebay
Should have checked tac edge but i wanted to finish the order before i missed out haha

Perfect for inside the house

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Ohhh on eBay aren’t they $45 per box? :scream:

Yeah wasnt happy about it haha

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zhenduo have them for 30 too but just have to wait for postage.


@Dudefromoz do you know where zenduo is based?

China somewhere but also have a Brisbane warehouse. Latest was they could do air freight again


Zhendou is a no fuss supplier

Outstanding customer service. Makes a point of interacting with grumps and escalations on the forum

And recently changed freight carrier to appease many shipping delays they aren’t actually responsible for.

I reckon it would be hard to go wrong with a zhendou purchase


What is this , is it really for the aka m870 or the bin feng m870

I thought it only ran on shells , and the BF one is barrell loaded

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