Alpha King m870 shotty mods?

I’m looking to buy an m870, and I was wondering what modding capabilities it has? Can you get upgraded springs and O rings on it and if so, which ones?

Thanks for any ideas!

I’ll know today hopefully about o-ring size as I’ve got some sets coming.

The stock spring is about a 1.4. The orings in mine stock are shit but for comparison I get about the same performance from the stock spring as an x-force m110 of 200-210 FPS. M120 spring went up to 240-250. Will hopefully have a better comparison later when I get the orings.

Other mods available are blackout kits from aliexpress, wood or magpul style furniture, top rail or full length rail. On aliexpress there is also a cnc piston, chamber and trigger guard kit but it’s $280

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Awesome thanks!

Got an imperial oring set yesterday and the 11/16 ID x 2/32 was a little better than stock, got up to 230-240 FPS. Getting a metric set today. Hoping a 23mm OD oring seals better.

How good are X force springs

Alot of the r1 mods are in this thread

But yes it seems the black piston has o rings on it.

I just got some 18 ,19 ,20, 21 ,x 1.9mm black and 2mm brown o rings. Im pretty sure its the 1.9mm thick x 19mm o.d. tho.

How did you go with the new o-rings?

Soz , by just got, I meant just ordered from ali so expecting them mid 2021 lol

Ive since ordered another new m870 , should be here mon or tues.