Alpha King or RX AK

The Missus wants to buy me a new GB for Xmas. I don’t have a AK style blaster yet. The Alpha King and RX are the 2 I’m looking at, leaning more towards the Alpha King. What is the general opinion on which is better ?

Cheers WhiteYeti.


Watching to see what the brains trust decide

I like both


I also like both , If I were you I would tell the Missus you need both :sunglasses:


This guy eh…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Actually has a good point…you do need a backup


I just got a jinming ak47 and I’ve only got one fault so far, it wobbles a bit between receiver and handguard, that and it’s STD plastic barrel gives it the accuracy of the real ak. Will be pulling it apart soon to put in the mods that have arrived from China. The pros in my mind are, the grip has three finger grooves, butt stock attachment is stronger than m4a1, STD barrel length is 40cm, plenty of rails, almost all nylon.

I got all three (because two just isnt enough).

IMHO the Alpha King is the best (out of the box) out of the three.
If you choose Alpha King then all you have to do is decide on the length LOL.

RX, Alpha King, Jinming J11


Alpha king by far, it has the best out of the box performance, metal gears out of the factory, mini tamiya for titan or turnigy batteries, mag capacity is high, metal inner and outer barrel, more historically accurate i.e safe semi and full auto unlike the rx which has semi and full auto back to front. jm gen 11 is a huge downgrade it uses an m4 buttstock eww, you have a better chance of breaking the mag contacts, acrylic barrel :face_vomiting: and literally no aftermarket parts. although the alpha king is pricey you wont need to upgrade the gearbox. rails are easy to come by tac edge sells rails from $30 to $50. downsides of the alpha king include no mag prime, lack of rails, battery compartments a bit small and magazine if not inserted properly will fall out few minor gripes but my friend lended me his and i fell in love with it a small rolled down my face when i gave it back. rx has a cool feature that it has a recoil function so when the blow activates it has a weight on it that stimulates a recoil function however i did hear when you load a new magazine you have to cock it which is a bit of a grip but realism i guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

it depends on your budget tho

I’m heading towards picking up an Alpha AK, but am a bit torn as l have heard here that there are more models being released soon.

I see some good prices on eBay at the moment.

Any body read anything on new models or have any links?

I reckon you go alpha king because the recoil system in the RX may lower longevity (have experienced this first hand) and alpha king is better build quality overall.

those models wont come out till next year

Thnxs for the reply’s Folke’s, some good feedback. I have decided on the Alpha King AK 74ms.

Cheers WhiteYeti.

Great choice Yeti!

This is mine nearly finished.

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That’s looks sweet as.

I have a Alpha King AK 74M and I must say the build quality is good but mine just rattles apart!
I first had a few mags thru it, was fine then the grip fell apart and. All the barrel associated parts also fell out.
I have since fixed with locktight n shit, but what a shambles straight out the box for me anyways

G’day lads I’m looking to buy a defective ak blaster to tear apart and get the “receiver” off to make a ground up custom ak and I was wondering what your opinions were on wich ak model has the best reviver and magazine. I’m leaning towards a rx akm but somthing about the mags looks off.
Anyway sorry if this is the wrong place for this it just seemed like you all knew your aks here