Alpha King w/ mods or Azraels AK?

Need some opinions before i start throwing money at toys again. I haven’t heard great things about the APS boxes (I wouldn’t be keen on opening it up at all if i bought an Azraels) but I have not seen much about the Red Dragon box and people upgrading them.

Is there a way to mitigate the APS box failing like the others I have seen on here? Is throwing another V3 style CNC box into an Alpha King going to be worth it?

Thoughts? Opinions on which way to go?

A lot on the CNC boxes are radiused at the cylinder window to provide relief points. Looking at the majority of the aps boxes that is where they seem to fail, at the bottom front right cylinder window corner, so maybe radius the corners first. Also look at the screw holes along the top of the box frame (top spine?), these also seem a weak point so you could try some button head screws but tbh I think it’s more of a casting/material issue than countersunk screw holes causing the cracking there.

The Azraels are metal receivers aren’t they? I personally would go the Azraels AK over the Alpha King and deal with any issues if they happen then drop a CNC box in the Alpha (is there even a CNC V.3 available in aus yet?).

Disclaimer I haven’t used either this is only my 2c :+1:

I have an AlphaKing and threw a m90 spring in it and sealed up air-leaks in the nozzle and tpeice…pushes over 320fps. Using turnigy 11.1V batteries. Great reliable blaster. I think you will be happy either way you go.

I know if i got an alpha king i would end up on the hunt and spending as much on it as buying an azraels, so i think i will just take the plunge. boxes seem easy to come by, metal ak receivers etc less so.

I bought an Alpha King just before l heard about the metal one, was then going to go the whole pre order on the metal AK and started reading about the gear boxes being a problem so have held off.

Since then have done some external mods on my Alpha King (and posted some pics here) and really like it a lot, so I’m happy to watch what happens with the new model and maybe pick one up later when the fuss dies down.

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What and see how many of any of these APS V3 boxes crack.

Hopefully they’re better than the silver edge v2 paper weights going around.

If they’re decent get a metal one, if they’re not go alpha king and metal v3 gearbox :face_with_monocle:

Just need to track down someone who has ordered one or convince the man himself to do a teardown and post pics. Most definitely the safer option.

I posted a link to this a while ago