Alpha King, Where to find a cheap one? (or shell)

Does anyone know where to find a relatively cheap Alpha King or a shell for it?

Mine is for sale. I paid $280 2 months ago, will sell for $200 + Postage

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Alright, ill see if i can find a cheaper one but ill keep yours in mind

Just need to get the money because haven’t got any atm

All good. Let me know how ya go. I just have too many, and I’m more of an M4/AR kinda guy

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yeah, im more of an ak guy and my mother got me an m4a1 for my birthday and then ive got a broken ak-47 at a friends house, if they cant fix it ill sell it for what i can and pile that up to see if i can get your ak

kind of just looking for something stronger that could replace my original ak

The Alpha is a good unit. The v3 gearbox is strong and it comes standard with mini Tamiya connector.
Blowback function is crisp!

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