Aluminium barrel for 40 cents?

I’m new to this hobby and have bought an ACR. I havent got to any events/skirmishes yet just playing/shooting at home etc. I’m fairly technically minded and so after bought the blaster i stripped it to understand how it all works and put back together. I watched a few videos and realised that to improve accuracy i would need an alloy barrel, o-ring, springs etc.

I have been 3d printing barrel stabilisers for my ACR and have had to take apart the blaster and reassemble many times to test. During this assembly/disassembly I accidentally broke the inner barrel. I was quite annoyed at myself to say the least.

It broke off quite near to the t-piece and so i removed all of the left over tube in the t piece and thought i would order an alloy barrel, $4 from aliexpress or $20 from an aus seller. I didnt want to wait 4 weeks or more from China and thought $20 was not value for money from the AUS seller.

Then i realised that the alloy barrel is just aluminium tubing/pipe. I contacted the local steel/aluminium supplier and asked for 10m tubing/pipe with 1.2mm wall thickness. Thats the smallest they had and i bought 2m/200cm length for…$3.50. Yes 2m length for $3.50!

Got home, cut to size, had to file/sand the end of the tube to fit into the t-piece but it went in with a little hammer tap and bingo.

With my 3d printed stabilisers and now this aluminium tube, its super accurate, very happy.

Just waiting on my o rings and spring to arrive and then ill be set for a game.


It’s great you’re tinkering so soon, that’s half the fun of these blasters, doin’ your own thing. :+1:

Just on the commercially available aluminium tube you buy from Bunnings etc. vs the purpose built alloy tubes…

The commercial aluminium tube isn’t anodized, so it’s it’s going to be corrosion prone… no problem, just make a cloth ramrod and wipe out your inner barrel with WD40 after a session or it will pit.

Most standard blasters come with a 7.5mm ID plastic tube, most swap out for a 7.5mm alloy or go for a tight bore of 7.1mm, 7.2mm etc. It’s because of the size of the gels fully grown, they vary depending on what you use. Milkies are smaller than most, so with that barrel ID you have of 7.6mm you may lose a bit of FPS if you run milkies through it. It’ll probably be accurate, but may not hit very hard. Depends on what you’re looking for. :thinking:

You may know all this anyway, and I don’t mean to lecture, but the best part about this forum is all the little bits of info you pick up along the way. :blush:

Keep tinkering and keep sharing… :+1:


I’m using stainless steel and titanium as well as aluminium. They cost the same and work fine.

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@Cruise, where are you getting titanium tubing for the price of aluminium??!! :star_struck:

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In some cases, it’s even cheaper than aluminium.
Polished inside.


Wow… This the stuff…?

$20.56 for a 500mm length of 10mm OD, 7mm ID (1.5mm wall) piece.

Looks similar. There are many suppliers but I definitely paid less.
Cost me $28.58 for 2 pieces.
Remember that it will need sleeving as most tpieces and hoppers are designed for tubes with 9.5mm+ OD.

Why bother when you can buy a mirror s/s one for $12 us thats the right size and bore ?

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Because TITANIUM!!

(though honestly you’re right, and that’s probably what I’ll get as a next upgrade, after my cheapo alloy barrel… if it ever arrives :slight_smile:)

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Correct. Just because.

Not all Titanium is created equal and GR2 is certainly nothing special, that why it’s cheap,Good titanium is 10 time that price or more :+1: infact its crap compared to 316L S/S


Good to know :smiley:

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