An interesting issue with my SLR

Hey everyone, I have noticed a hiccup with my SLR testing it today, I have used a Gen 9 and Gen 8 magazine and when firing, the magazine sometimes pops out, with both mags there is a little wiggle room (as if not wide enough) and enough giggling the mag ejects.

Anyone come across that issue before?

Everyone suffers from premature ejaculation now and again, especially with a bit of jiggling :rofl:

I used gen9 mags in mine and didn’t have that issue but I fitted a bit of rubber on the back side of the mag to tighten the fit.


I don’t have the SLR anymore to test it but these mags are way better fit in all my v2 receivers than anything else.

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Wow, did I leave myself open to the premature joke. Thanks for the advice mate.

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these work very well

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You could try a hk416 MAG they are really tight in my gen9 and acr.

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Where abouts are thos linked sellers? In Oz or over seas? how much is shipping/GST? and delivery times? pop

China and Malaysia, cheap shipping and if there is gst it must be in the price because I haven’t had to pay anything extra , normal shipping approx. 2 weeks, express shipping appox. 7 days.


Guys, Ive bought a Feng Jia Sheng drum mag hoping it would fit inside the JJ slr,but it seem too loose,is it the wrong mags ? Or any mods needed ?? Heres some pics