Another bad story on Channel 9 tonight

I saw on the channel 9 news tonight, another negative story on gel blasters… the shops in public places like malls and shopping centers with lots of, what the public perceive as real machine gns proudly lining the walls and in the front windows on display??!! Surely, businesses selling our toy blasters know better than rubbing the average gn hating citizens noses in our toys?

They choose to have the silhouette of the most ‘horror inspiring’ (to the general public) images of real g*ns like the AK and M4’s on their signs and logos? Surely… if they want to continue selling our toy blasters… they must know they need to not expose them in shop windows like your average shoe shop?

As I have suggested in other threads, they need to black out or sign write the windows (black them out somehow) … much like the ‘adult toy’ shops… people wanting to buy a product, will know where to look… those passing the window dont need/want to see sex toys or toy blasters… those who do want to buy these products, will seek them out and go into the shops… without having the glaring public looking chastisingly at them thru the windows…

Then, as if the images on the news of all of these 'deady (looking) machine g*ns all arounf the walls… a sales person told the news people that the blasters are illegal in NSW and Victoria… but they send them anyway, there are ‘ways around’ those laws…

All in all, a terrible story for our sport/passtime!

These A-hole blaster shop owners… do you wonder why real gn shops and sports stores selling archery equipment don’t have bows and arrows in their windows… or why the gn shops dont have gns in the windows? It is because people wanting gns or archery equipment know where the shops are and that they have to GO INSIDE to look at those things.

The news story also mentioned that the Police have to spend alot of time chasing gel blaster ‘crimes’… so, just wait… thanks to these shops and their clear windows displaying these ‘awful weap*ns of terror’ … there will be a big grab for our toys by the authorities… they only need one stroke of a pen and our toy blasters will be made instantly illegal.

We also need to stop making our toys look so authentic! Just the look of them inspires fear and terror in the general public… we need to make our toys look more like… well, toys… or we will lose them.


Well spoken. I believe this is something the associations that represent 25 retailers need to spearhead. The busiest stores I know of (GBA, Tach Edge, XForce) don’t have any of that military imagery or blasters hanging in the window.

Orange tip gang gang, RISE UP.

My advice to the blaster shops… is, tomorrow morning, black out the windows and just have the logo with no images of gns on it… as I said in another thread… ask ‘street artists’ to paint nature scenes on the outside of the windows… so the squealing public walk past and think ‘how nice that drawing is’ … instead of all of those (to them) nasty weapns of war’ all over the walls… give them (the wowser anti’s) one less thing to whine about…

I hate it that we have to pander to them… but, we must, if we want to be allowed to keep our toys


this isn’t a religious statement but…



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Around here, it is more like… badluck laughing%20(1)


Those guys in that shop and the stupid things they said🤦🏽‍♂️…my mind is blown


I couldn’t agree more. What a bunch of d***heads.

Shoots the Glock, then says “oh it’s loaded!”

“we shoot each other all the time, we don’t wear safety glasses” “go for the head as well”
Boy, the ACA producers must have thought they had struck gold interviewing this lot.

Then the clown on the Gold Coast taunting the police. Has probably no idea how close he came to experiencing a real firearm up close and personal.

And of course, ACA trots out it’s tame expert the old faithful criminologist from Bond University.


Sure was a piece of crap feature. Yet more negative media reporting on this hobby.
Unfortunately, if the number of stupid incidents increases, the police will really be pressured to introduce some sort of official regulation of the blasters. Then if that does not improve things to their satisfaction after a period of time, they will not hesitate to fully ban them outright. But hopefully will not come to this.


agreed, there was a report of a kid getting shot in the eye by his brother. i dont remember the fineprint but all i can remember is that and that the doctor who operated on the kid said that its become more frequent and that its a dangerous toy.

So are Jenga blocks of used incorrectly


thats better…goddam Millennials and their stupid anecdotes


Ha !
Well, on a positive side of the absolute crap ACA report… I just had a quick look on the ACA Facebook page (which I don’t normally look at, by the way), at the comments about this blaster report.
There are a lot of comments, but the overwhelming majority are totally rubbishing the ACA and this report they did, which is good to see.

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ok quick question not to look like a pleb, whats the ACA?

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“A Current Affair”
A shit news program.
You must know it…


Ahhhh, A Current Affair, makes sense ACA yeah, dont worry i was just confused with the ACA.

cheer up chief images


oh no, just watch a full report of ACA on Gel blasters. take a look. im genuenly scared for us and our hobby. frick

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