Another idiot trying to ruin the sport

Greetings all. Long time lurker. Finally registered so I could share this news item from two days ago. Couldn’t see any reference to it on here.
All the good things about this sport can be undone by one fool’s idea of fun, or whatever he thought it was. Hopefully he will be charged with a firearms offence. Might discourage others.
This is my first post, so unsure if the link will work.


QPS are being really patient. Hat tip to them and I hope they charge him accordingly. Sadly, with so many of these idiots there is no thought about the consequences. A very public example is needed.


agreed here too. it’s just so frustrating :angry::angry::angry: when the majority who enjoy this awesome sport treat it with the respect and maturity it needs but there’s always a couple rotten apples in the bunch who can very well jeopardize and kill all we have worked so hard to get… this s**t is “doin my bleedin head in” these problems we keep facing when these Denny utemuster deros get on the paps blue ribbon and go out in public

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