Another newbie question, firing mode o.o?

I am in the process of movie wirings a bits over from my broken gen9 box to the new box Mr. Kamchop gave me :smiley: :pray:

While looking at the trigger device and the selector plate, I couldn’t work out what part of it actually determines single and full auto o.O

Originally I thought maybe there’s some kind of extra contact that moves away after each trigger pull or something like that for single fire, which breaks the circuit after trigger pull, obviously I was wrong.
I have tried turning the gears with the plate at different position but didn’t seem to change anything :neutral_face:

So how does the selector plate actually control the firing mode o.O??


So I was sort of correct with my assumption o.o
But whem that thing “snaps back” the bridging piece, or what ever it’s called, I don’t feel it on the trigger o.o

can’t say i usually feel it on the trigger when the shuttle gets snapped back (as it were)

you can test the mechanism by assembling the box (trigger assy only really required for this) and then with the selector place off, move the end of the cut off lever that is usually attaching the spring to the selector plate.

you should hear the trigger shuttle pop up and back.

it can take some force to do this.

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Interesting o.o
I tested it with out the trigger installed,
It does push the shutter back,
Learned something new today haha

Also just realised now after 4 hours messing around with shimming, that, if it doesn’t have play, I don’t need to shim said gear :joy: :joy:

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also learned that the 0.1 shim are like 10mm socket or jesus clip…
if you lose them, you lose them :rofl: :joy:


Depends where you loose them. Up your arse is not ideal :rofl:


Fken hell :rofl:

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