Any cheeky discount codes for tac edge?

Looking for a cheeky code because I am planning on making a big order

Ask around or ask in the Gelsoft discord for a referral link discount as most of the original discount codes have expired. Should get you 10 - 15% off.

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i have one


FYI the referral codes only work if you pay online for your order, you can’t place an order then pay cash when you pick it up or can’t use the referral codes in-store :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks mate. I used it.


yeah but you cant use codes in store anyway, they wont allow it, has to be onlin, so some people use codes onlin the pickup at banyo

Yeah but you can’t pay cash when picking it up as the order has to be paid for online.

who does cash anyway lmao

Cash will be king again when people start defaulting on Afterpay accounts :bomb:

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Haha the truth, the banks are madly trying to shutdown branches and ATMs. The yoke of bureaucracy is coming.

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Do tac edge still use humm as payment? Humm is doing $100 cash back on purchases $500 - $1000.

Could stack up nicely

The referral code doesn’t work anymore is there a updated modern one that we can use ?

For TE try backyardblasters

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Thanks mate, it works maybe try and hide your comment or something like that just so that the code doesn’t fail like last time

No need to, it not a secret :+1:

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Ok is it infinite or will it expire

They all expire eventually, you just use it until it don’t work no more then you ask for another one :rofl:

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Ok, to easy thanks for the help

What did the code give you ?

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Looks like 15% and works on the xtp range