Any issues running larger voltage batteries

Anyone have any issues running a 11.1V in their M4SS ?

I think most people do, 7.4v is recommended with the mosfet on these

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Best bet if stock board is intact still would be use your motor output terminals to switch a mini relay contact, one with a high current rating that can fit obviously. I’d say fitting it is achievable but not easy… Also not tried it yet as I fried my board…

Take a negative from battery straight to motor… Positive from battery to relay line… and switch active from control boards motor output + terminal… If u get me.

okay but if were running a relay how do we get power to the mother board now

Loop it from the relay line/motor mate or vise versa… Could loop at battery too but that’s more distance of cabling inside receiver… Its not difficult really… Current won’t flow through board if closed contact has a lower resistance

I’ll admit my dc fundamentals aren’t what they could be I may be setting up some sort of back feed situation here but I’m sure it could work or be made to similarity

totally possible to use a relay for current control. mosfets like the easyFET are significantly smaller, have a longer service life and are faster.

i’m not sure about all the things, but i can confirm that all my things are negative switched.

fused, relay, dc motor circuit

s1 == trigger switch
s2 == fuse
ry1 == relay of your desire
m1 == umm…motor? :stuck_out_tongue:

now…this configuration removes any mosfet / fire control and uses the existing trigger switch to engage the relay so the pew pew happens.


what about having the mosfet controll a solenoid. Which then allows the higher current to flow to the mag and gearbox motor.
Then you don’t run high current through the board and could probably even run a 7.4v to run the mother board, and then have the 11.1v go to the motor and mag.
Think that could work ???

it does. it can. its a little more fiddling about but not hard.

stock mosfet, triggers a small relay, triggers a beasty relay / mosfet, makes the pew pew.

thats the second link rattler posted a little above

I got about 3 mags out of an 11v before the board died, a mate pulled the trigger twice before his died, he completely removed the fire selector and mosfet and ran a gen8 wiring harness in it, so it just has safety and auto. Mines been pulled apart waiting to attempt @zeHamish idea for a week now… I’m not very confident in my electrical skills haha.

ahh see…you’ve got to do the mosfet upgrade before you fry it :slight_smile:

essentially, its not the voltage increase that kills the board, its the extra wear and tear in amps or heat that does it.

if you follow any of the schematics / how-tos, you’d be hard pressed to stuff it up.

start with a fuse…because if it goes pop…thats much less cost than a replacement mosfet :slight_smile: or battery…or anything else that might catch fire.


Same thing happened to mine and my bros m4ss 7.4v ran flawless. But after using 11.1v battery mofset died. Hardwiring was a little tricky but i managed and i had very basic soldering skills.

Where you guys buying your replacement motherboards for the M4SS ?

Amps are called current.

My circuit was fine :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: childishness. Lucas if you’re after a replacement stock board here…

As far as upgrades go I’m not sure

Maybe ask solid state hamish.

current is measured in a unit called amps.

but anyway…what’s your point?