Anybody tried shrapgels?

I ordered a packet as I’m out of ultras and thought I’d try something different…so got these on the way and some red packet warinterests

Nope never heard of them, but solid name. Makes me want to come up with my own gel ball brand.

If only they made brown gels, chocolate salty balls would be a thing.


Hahah…well I’ll let you know how they perform lol

My brain read that as sharp gels and my mind didn’t go into a good thought :joy:

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I didnt see that it wasn’t sharp gels till I read your reply

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It took me a couple double takes :joy:

I just thought shrapnel gels…
Which sounds like the ones that are good for weddings.

As in guaranteed to turn to confetti before leaving the barrel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought it was shrapnel originally too…they are on their way so hopefully they only then to confetti after impact and not before leaving the barrel lol