Anyone building blasters using air blaster exteriors?

Long time lurker here.

Noticing how a lot of people are using ■■■■■■■ gearboxes lately; particularly APS ones. Or just simply building blasters from scratch with boxes like the FB 2 split GB.

With this trend going hard, are any builders grabbing more sophisticated ■■■■■■■ exteriors and receivers to complete their builds with? I understand there’s obviously the legality side of trying to import ■■■■■■■ parts, but by labelling them gel blaster bits, maybe some people has got away with it.

Note - I’m not encouraging anyone to get around the law, just curious about this, as the parts are obviously going towards gel blasting, and not the bad stuff.

yeah, i have a few softair receivers i’ve bought from overseas, currently waiting on another to clear customs now. it’s getting kinda common.
i also own a Phantom Extremis which is softair blaster they converted to gels and is full metal. thing is badass!

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Oh nice! That sounds sick! I noticed the other day one of tactical edge or Azreal armoury blasters looked identical to a softair - didn’t realise it was that viable to convert them!

Looked it up - looks exactly like that Azreal MPX blaster, wonder if they did the same thing?

How did you go about even getting it into Aus aha? Just buying the shell?

the parts or the blaster?

the blaster was just off the shelf from Tactical Edge. i wanted one reliable one for basic skirmishes and some fun.
Then i wanted a custom build that destroys anything it touches, that one is the one i bought the metal receiver for from
i have heard the odd one gets grabbed in customs but i’ve never had a problem.
if you’re worried Hawkex have a preorder on metal receivers currently.
tonnes of threads in here on them.

The Azrael Titan SBB looks exactly like a EMG F-1 BDR-15 softair, that’s what I mean by some blasters looking exactly like softairs.

Not too worried about it getting pick up by customs, may ask vendor to name the package ‘gel blaster’ before shipping.

I’m looking for a metal AK lower receiver (seems you can already get the dust covers/upper receivers locally) - so Hawkex doesn’t make them yet. Seen a lot of nylon blasters breaking lately, so would like to make something sturdy. Plus metal builds look great.

Importing a gel blaster requires a permit and it is free, one is required for each and every blaster imported.

I’m from South Australia - looks like I also have to get a ‘B709A - Importation of Firearms’, but I can’t find an ‘apply online’ option for SA. That QLD one also only lets you select Queensland as the state, damn.

ghey like to make life hard in SA. You have to ask for one in the police station.

What website did you get it from?

Man… I can just tell how well that would go too lol

i posted it above, boss.