Anyone else gelsoft in VIC

calling out to all members from VIC. 3 years been into gelsoft and still can’t find ne meets goin on like Qld does so would love to start it here

Im in vic. Ive been looking to see if there are any event run just over the boarder in SA. Would be pretty risky unless you could find a nice big private property with a lot of trees out in the middle of nowhere

that’s what I’m hoping to find lol. if not I’m thinking a meet at wombat state forest as theres heaps of areas no one passes near

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Yeah wombat would work. I know a few people who would be keen. Me and the mrs where planning a road trip to qld for a milsim event in october

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Would be keen, in Vic myself in the big M.
Just been practicing in my back yard so far.

I’m in SA just over the border from VIC (Riverland region) and it seems you’re left in the dark if you don’t use facebook, sucks because it would be nice if people used other platforms. Impossible to find any real event info otherwise that isn’t just Adelaide based. Mostly just use these things down the river with a mate. Yell out if you ever want a match because there’s millions of miles of scrub to have a skirmish in safely away from the public, may need a 4WD though.

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nope I deleted FB 8 yrs ago was ova the BS and never looked back. I got a 4wd so mite have to make the trip down to SA


About the same time I gave it up, seemed like nobody really used it back then. Now all the stuff they’ve been accused of I get put off making another profile up. What you running? 105 Landcruiser here.

I’m in Vic, just getting into this stuff.

Is anyone in the western suburbs who is pretty savy with working on blasters out there able to me help fix a few things sometime. Will buy a you a slab

Welcome abroad
Brother took lo g enough. Jokes lol

Yeah brother were bouts west are you… I’ m from dirty30 so if you know were that is then for tech sevice your saying a slab sounds good but i don’t drink beer(yes ino that’s unAustralian but always been a jd fan so slab of jack and tell me what you want done to your blaster

Dirty 30 represent!! Hahaha hoppers werribee man. Ive actually said fuck it and drove to queensland with all me gear to get it looked at and play a game. Coming back down in a couple days. Hopefully things will be fixed. Either way being so close youd be welcome to come round my place for a jd and some blaster discussion. Also have an a decent block so firing in the back yard. Isnt too sus

f*****g a brother that’s only a stone throw from wez. well let me know how it goes if theycsnt fix it I’ll give it a once over for us. sounds good bro yer I’m always playing around with mine I’m lucky I got good neighbours lol.

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well, around three years ago i bought my first gel blaster, last year i dealt with police searching my house and confiscating them (mind you, this is after they became illegal in vic) (i got searched for a stupid reason, too much of a long story), and they said to me (three police officers were there, and this is a quote form one of the officers)>>>“you realise that we wouldnt have cared much if you had have put an orange tip or some sort of flouro tips on the barrels and frame, the main concern is that people would take these into public, or cause some sort of alarm to people, and if you are just using these responsibly at home or out of the publics eye, then i think it is fine just having orange tips etc”. after the incident, i stayed away from the hobby, i lost a fair bit of money for a 14 year old. two years later i decided to go ‘all-in’ and purchase (m4a1 gen8, m97, p85 mag fed, Yitai aug, BF-p90, electric Deagle) and i consider myself ready to go for a battle, unfortunately its hard to find locations just down the street (mornington peninsula) to play on a private property etc. Peace out, and i hope my experience can give insight into the common sense that must be employed, most police wont care if you are privately using these with flourescent tips and adequate colouring to define them as toys like cap ■■■■, it may vary from officer to officer, but the point remains the same, dont bother using any blackout kits in vic, and employ as much colour as you can without ruining aesthetics.


As an ex-Mexican I’m gonna play devil’s advocate and say that I doubt VicPol would have the same casual attitude towards gel blasters down there now… just sayin’… things are weird everywhere now.

For the record I believe gel sport should be legal in all states… and we’re just hangin’ on by the skin of our teeth up here in QLD.


VicPol isn’t casual about anything I can confirm that…



And straight after they leave :rofl:


Old thread I know but has any one made any casual meets id love to have a game with people