Anyone else get an MP5 from TacToys?

This is what they sent me.

  • Motor height screw has been mutilated
  • End cap screws have been worn down

Does anyone else’s one from TacToys look like this?

You need to send that back to tac toys

Just wow.

Send it back, that clearly is either not new or defective.

Ive sent them an email, let’s see what they say about it.

It looks like a refurbished one or a previous return. The little tag on the trigger guard looks like it was used a few times!


"Hi there DrChicken,

This looks like it has simply been scratch during production when they have been tightening it. It should be fully functional and would not affect the performance of the blaster itself. These things can happen during production, and are very hard to prevent.

Kind regards,"

I bought two and the other one arrived brand new and in a box that was unopened. I don’t think I can escalate this further so I’ll just chalk it up to “Don’t do business with them again” lol

Then they send me an email telling me to join their exclusive VIP club lol. No thank you sir.


LMFAO ! What complete BS !
I’ve had that same crap from others and like you I won’t ever give them any business again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I saw what they did to you re: that 3DG glock.

Didn’t someone already refer them to ACCC for misleading warranty information?

That should result in a fine.

I dunno if I should be happy or sad that im not the only one getting treated this way by these guys.

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If their not willing to return it or replace it. Send a message back then asking for a new base plate and replacement screws. Since they themselves admitted that their allowing scratched and scuffed hardware to be sold in a brand new price point they should have no issue sending out the parts that were not of quality right? Right??? (You can see where i’m going with this.

By to be fair. If you went and bought a brand new car to find out the manufacturer had keyed a door by accident they’d either fix it or replace it.


Pathetic. Doesnt end with these guys with the continual bullshit.

How are they still getting peoples money smh?