Anyone got a link to 7mm shim kits?

Have a nylon Gen9 with 7mm bearings and steel gears coming… but cant find 7mm shims? They all seem to be 6mm for Gen8… I can’t get sellers to respond as to the id their shims are?

Do bearing shops sell them?

The shims are all the same id 3mm.
7mm is the od of your bearings so the shims are suitable for all the bearing sizes we use

I used the fighting bro ones but they are very low quantity in the kit. Does anyone know of any decent kits?

There are other kits I have bought that have more shims but they didn’t have as many different thickness shims.
Just order a few kits :+1:

If you don’t mind the postage and waiting for it then try I got shs shims from them and I’ve got them in all my blaster and their still holding up in the high stress (skin bleeder) custom build too

I’ll add that are really helpful people to deal with. I have purchased from them.
They also don’t get annoyed when you hit them with an endless stream of inane questions. Well they don’t let on that they are annoyed anyway. :joy:
I can highly recommend them.

I ended up getting one set from M4A1 at Caloundra, the 3 more sets off ebay…

I am all shimmed up now … could start a shim shop… :grin: