Anyone in qld have any jobs going?

I know this isn’t a job place but hey nothing to lose right? Anyone know of anyone hiring?? Have split from the missus and needing a fresh start …inbox for my resume lol


All the hot back packers are picking fruit. In which case, perfect time to go “cherry picking”.


Hahaha fuck :rofl::rofl:

They look smokin in their facemasks

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Jobs going…??

I will employ you tomorrow…

And you experince is…???

What type of job would you like…???

Elon Musk is hiring…

I was in Cairns just before NYE and there were a few hotties getting around that weren’t locals.:heart_eyes:

They’re loaded cash wise too… ain’t no body got money to fly around backpacking yet blonde Helga from Lichenstein is in Cans Australia on mommy n daddy’s Nazi stolen art trust fund…

I went too deep. But for the record I would not kick Helga out of bed if she farted.

Isn’t the Goverment offering a subsidy for people to relocate and pick cherries and cucumbers? I’m sure I saw it somewhere…

here ya go…

FYI i’m not hinting you’re ‘poor’ @jms, but it’s a great way to get into QLD, then you’re treated as a local job application wise :slight_smile:

Once the ground dries up in Central QLD, they’ll be back out drilling for minerals, get onto an exploration company as a Field Technician, you work with the Geologists, you just need 4x4 experience, remote living ability, be fit, first aid (ideally) zero drugs and yeah - you are set :+1:t2: Often you’ll be at a mining camp, so you can network etc with the other miners and get a feel for what’s happening across the wider company.


First steps coal board medical and cert 2 in surface extraction operations, not cheap if your employer isn’t paying but we’ll worth getting to get you on your way as no one will look at you without them. There always looking for drillers offsides


Ground is dry enough I’m out drilling today

I like how it’s a picture of rig not drilling and ppl standing watching someone trying to fix a compressor.

Got to be W.A with the red dirt.

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Yeah rigs farked mate… booster unit died :rofl:

That booster died repeatedly - great as a fieldy, frustrating for the offsiders and driller.

South of Cloncurry QLD these pics were taken, about 200 klms directly South


How can you call it dirt when it’s 90% rock :thinking::woozy_face:

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Where I am we got that black soil so it’s fuckrd when it rains, lotsa dust so looks like dirt to me

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The bulldust just covers up the rock here lol

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All you would need is a standard 11 and most will hire you as a offsider for coal in Queensland

When iv started new jobs with a different company they always make me redo the medical and they sort it and pay for it . And most drilling company’s will put you through the certs after you start at no cost to you.

Having a backhoe/ telehandler ticket and a hr licence is highly desirable

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Just do what all the Gen Y kids are doing these days.
Start a Onlyfans or Chaturbate account.


I like watching chaturbate but maybe not so much participating lol

Go into moonshining and live a life of intrigue and no taxes whilst sticking it to “the man”.

Just don’t make anyone blind with your product, it’s unnecessary scrutiny.

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Worse comes to worse, invest in a pair of knee pads… :new_moon_with_face:

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I’ve got to do a medical for every new site I go too , must look shady lol. Yeah your right I got cert 2 mixed up with the standard 11 , tbh I probably slept through most of it :sleeping:

I reckon an old 90s magna painted up like the general Lee with a boot full of bootleg goon bags and your onto a winner Lmao


That looks hot and dusty , I’ll stay in my air-conditioned cab thank you :laughing:

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