Anyone in qld have any jobs going?

If you are into running up North around say Lockhart River, you can make a motza. Just got to dodge them road blocks.


Well I’m moving back to the Illawarra on Friday…have a drug and alcohol test for a job in moss vale on Thursday so I’ll drive down and back tomorrow then pack up everything and head back down the next day. If I pass the medical(which I Will) I’m good to go the guy said so that’s lifted the spirits up a bit


What kind a job have you been offered

Just pick packing in harper collins warehouse but it’s decent money and I’m not really up to doing my pool business atm anymore

Mate you should get the pool business going since you’re single now :rofl:


Well I drove down to moss vale and then back …7hr round trip lol…I passed the medical and recieved an employee form…yay for me lol