Anyone know anything about the 2 new well blasters at m4a1?

M4a1 have just released 2 new well blasters.

And the MRT

Can’t find any info on them??
Ps, first post. Hi excited to be a part of the sport :blush:

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Welcome to the money pit :grin:

Couple of pics from their fb page

YES, that’s right. Finally has a nylon gearbox shell.

The one above is the longer version. Wonder how strongly that front handguard is secured to the receiver?
If they are good quality, they’ll make the CYMAs look overpriced.

Said they’d be doing a video review of them on Thursday.

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Cheers mate.
Dont do FB so its great to see it here.


Love it. Already spent too much on my old wells. But really love the build of them.
Need a second and that CQB looks toit :blush:

Ps. Just saw a comp to win one on the m4a1 Facebook page.

I know exactly what you mean :money_mouth_face:
I was even buying new ones for parts.