Anyone know if the Yitai G36 is any good?

Up until now I’ve been using the FN2000 Gel Blaster and am need of an upgrade. I’d like a G36 with the ISM scope which Yitai offers but was wondering if it’s worth it or not.

You’re already using old tech, so the YT G36 will be familiar from a quality and performance perspective :slight_smile:

Not much stock out there from what I can see, especially in the “long” G36K variant you’re looking at.

Bear in mind there is a 3DG(?) G36K with blowback due some time this year, but I’m sure it will come at a cost.

Is the G36K worth the $200 I paid for mine a few years ago? No
Is the G36C I got for $80 a short while back a better buy? Not sure…
I thought so at the time, but with the same money now getting me a J11 or JM MP5, and J10’s, AUG’s, Vectors in the low $100’s, there are much better options for performance and quality.

Unless you absolutely must have it for… reasons.

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Thanks for the help. I’ll definetly consider what you’ve said. Considering I and my friends have been using MA5’s as our primary weapons the f2000 was a nice cheap jump to a much better blaster and hopefully this is another jump. Just another quick question what is the build quality like?

My first blaster was a Gen 8 MP5 V2, closely followed by a Gen 8 M4A1. A solid foundation to start from, so every blaster after that was judged accordingly. Lets just say nothing came close until the arrival of the J9,

The Yitai G36 build and finish is okay, but the action is “spongy” and doesn’t respond well. I think it has semi and full auto fire modes, but tends to do whatever it feels like at the time - I have three and they’re all the same in that respect. All wall hangers now in any case.

There has been so much improvement in blaster quality and performance in the last couple of years that it’s hard to recommend the YT unless you can find one incredibly cheap.

Gen 8.5 upwards would be a far better purchase, with J9 being my pick for out of the box value and versatility.


I just got a fn2000, love the shape of it. Just upgrade the internals!

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If you want a G36c look at the Wells model. I recently got one from Zhendou for about $106 using the code they had. Out of the box feels pretty solid and hits 220 fps ( spring is a 1.1 ) I have put a 1.2 spring in to try and she was getting 250-260 fps using LDT Reds. Shoots reasonably straight, have a hop up coming as the distance atm is only about 20-25m. Mine is the clear model but plan on painting the shell either flat black or a green colour haven’t decided yet. Personally I’m happy with it and can see some potential with it especially for CQB.

Do all the wells blasters use non standard gearboxes and mags? That’s what I’ve heard and it puts me off a bit

Most have v2 style boxes but Well tackled the 8mm gel ball v2 gearbox a different way to most other blaster manufacturers , they did it right ! They use a different head and t piece which give excellent tappet travel and I have converted all my v2 boxes to use the Well system now.
Yes they use a different magazine, the terminal spacing is different as is the feed tube outlet, but you can easily change the mag terminal block and shorten the t piece feed tube to make them fit other mags


The G36 is a different animal depending on which version, the earlier one use a mechanical mag not electric

@Rattler hmmm… Now you have me thinking… And wanting to spend more money I don’t have… Damm you!

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Lol sorry mate but you had to ask :joy:
My v2 boxes feed anything you want to put though them now , and they never miss a single gel feed :+1:

That being said the MK boxes feed perfectly too with any head/nozzle combination

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I like the G36c mag one little feature is you can couple them together without a coupler and the mag release is simple to a AK release.

I already have one and they are pretty good. The mags are only 10 bucks too so it’s easy to get a loadout going. However, wanted a g36 which is the rifle varient which is why I started this thread. I have ordered one from Zhenduo for 80bucks plus attachments (all up 100 which is the usual price) using their discount. I plan on posting more about it here to see how it goes and i’ll do a comparison between the two.

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My mate has the Well G36 clear receiver and it’s performed good out the box, gets a thrashing from his son.

I was tempted to get one, shot straight, alloy barrel, cheap and solid.

Ok so. I got the Yitai G36 long varient today.

Yitai pros-

  • Faster firerate
  • Mag Primer
  • Aesthetics (If you like the ISM scope and longer barrel there aren’t any other options on the market)
  • Magazine capacity is higher
  • Mag release is smoother
    *Has 4 rails for accessories


  • Semi auto does not work what so ever (it shoots bursts or just turns full auto, honestly it has a mind of its own) The wells on the other hand does have working semi auto.
  • Magazines cost more than twice the amount of the wells (My mag actually broke at the time of typing this due to a malfunction with the gears and the wires detaching from the motor, maybe mine was a lemon though)
  • Build quality is fine and better than blasters like the JM MP5 but isn’t as good as the wells.
  • Has proprietary mags (so does the wells but those are cheaper)
    *Comes with a plastic inner barrel (The wells V2 comes with metal)

Final thoughts:
Overall I think the Wells V2 is a far superior blaster especially if you are buying one of the two for their normal price and don’t need to have the ISM sight and longer barrel. The wells costs ~$100 while the Yitai usually tends to sell for ~$130. The yitai does not allow for semi auto and of course there is the fact the magazine has broken after being used for the whole day. These two problems as previously stated may just be the fact that this product was a lemon. If you can pick it up on sale like I did for cheaper or the same price as a wells then I think it all depends if you want the longer varient of the G36. If I had spent the usual $130 price tag I would be up in arms but considering this cost me $80 and I just need to find a new magazine I’m happy to say that I’ve enjoyed using it thus far.

I have found in the past that blasters (especially the j9 and j10) do weird stuff on semi auto if the motor hight is slightly out due to it not completing a full cycle correctly. That might have something to do with it?

Or it might be as you said a crap semi auto :grin:

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