Anyone know where you can buy spare trigger? Metal or otherwise?

Had the box open changing the oring and when I re assembled the post on one side of the trigger snapped… struggling to find a replacement :sob: send help pls.

Aliexpress red dragon trigger $19.95

Heaps of options on AliExpress

Aliexpress AU $6.90 | Upgrade Metal Trigger for Jinming Gen 9 M4A1 Water Gel Ball Blasting Black Trigger Replacement Accessories

Aliexpress AU $14.14 15%OFF | ZhenDuo Toys Accessories Metal Upgrade Trigger For JinMing 9th Gel Ball Blaster ■■■

Thanks I’ll check on Ali… not keen on the wait :man_facepalming:

Maybe ask your local retailers if the have any plastic ones floating around from upgrades you could have for a couple of bucks?

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