Anyone local sells clear gen9 gearbox?

Ordered one from command elite hobbies but they sent me a nylon one since clear is out of stock… Everyone else seems to only have nylon one listed

I need a clear box urgently,
does anyone know any local store that has one in stock? Or does anyone have a spare un-used one for sale :sweat_smile:?

pm me your address i will send you a clear one. Has no screws as i used them on a nylon box as they bite in better. Want the bushing hole done setup for SHS spur gear?
Freebie and i would post tomorrow


now there’s an offer you can’t refuse…what a bloke :+1:

Oh yeah @Kamchop nice guy !
And the bearing hole done with those passion fingers :star_struck:


Love you man! :pleading_face:

Msg send :smiley:
As for the bushing holes, this m4 is gonna have black nylon gear put in, some shimming if needed, do they still need the holes done?

All I am addin is black piston, sky blue piston and cylinder head, with acrylic cylinder, it mostly just gonna be a functional wall piece with some sky blue metal parts on it

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Go hard, Icarus build a blaster you can see straight through. Someone has to

dont know about the black nylon spur gear width. holes be done, good practice for you to shim :grin:

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u mean with a clear receiver too?
isn’t there one of the M4 model that’s like full clear O_o?

but not for me, that is a bit too clear :sweat_smile:
my reason i want clear internal is simply because there is no proper blow back feature at the moment,
so i will compensate that with seeing the piston and nozzle moving under operation :grinning:

kinda silly but why no :sneezing_face: :sweat_smile:

thank you! :pleading_face: :pray:

i been practising shimming a little with that broken box too,
the only issue i find at the moment, is not actually with in the the gearbox itself,
but the pinion gear :no_mouth:

like, i cant see where it’s actually sitting once i close the box and have the handle on,
the viewing opening on the side is on an angle, so it hard to judge how much contact in between the pinion and the bevel gear :sweat_smile:

i have thought about the all clear receiver…
get it and paint parts of it with acrylic paint, so its like the church window colour glass thingy lol

early wells is clear and you can get an SLR body in clear plus a polycarbonate gear box for it, but they V2 boxes not J9. As below

The clear body


Ok. I ended up putting in a set of shs bushings as surplus to requirement.
ClearJ9 (7)

Difference between standard and SHS spur gear gaps after doing bushing hole with no screws holding box together.
ClearJ9 (9) ClearJ9 (10)

If putting upgrade motor in be aware the alloy is smaller diameter so put some heatshrink or something on it so it’s a good fit before you shim bevel to pinion
ClearJ9 (8)

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Yah I throught I’ve seen something like that,
Maybe in the future, as for now two blaster is more than enough for me :sweat_smile:

Oh so shs gear has longer rod thing o.o

btw O_O
what is the actual difference and benefit the SHS have over stock ones??
material? or?

better material and machined to better tolerance one would assume.

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those bushings came out of the nylon box i killed with an m120 spring. i have another 2 nylon boxes modified for shs spur gear fitted with shs bushings so i really did not need them and am happy if they make your gbox a little better :grin:

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A bit off topic sorry but I’m upgrading my wells cqb just waiting on parts. Do you know what size bushings they run and if the bushing holes in the box needs to be recessed to allow for shs gears? Just wondering if I need to try and buy some slim bushings and if they will work. To avoid recessing.


i can’t comment on the wells as i don’t own one.