Anyone no if you can upgrade the m4 punisher v2 cheers

Just wanting to no if any other parts fit in the punisher gearbox, thank you.

I have gen8 to gen9 metal gears… same for the plunger and nozzle, gen8 motor (I run a king box 63,000RPM), metal barrel and a 1.3mm spring. Works a treat. Not sure on my fps but the blaster is a machine now.

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Sorry…missed this one.

I maintain a he with a 1.3, metal gears, tweaked plunger head and alu barrel

I’ve recently added a second get to it after learning how unreliable they are

Top little piece of kit though

My Punisher V2 got a 7.5 alloy barrel, hop up, green o-ring and 1.3 spring, 11.1v battery… also added some internal weight to the foregrip and butt stock.

Fires like a beast, might not be the most reliable but I figure I’ll use it until I kill it then hang it on the wall… you’re right zeHamish… top little blaster and way cool style wise.

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With that Gen 2 style buffer tube and the lipo contacts on the back of the receiver, Punishers are a viable candidate for a CQB project… lipo in the foregrip and no ugly wires hanging out the back of the receiver. :+1: