Anyone seen ldt's new mp5

Looks good (nylon) and I believe has options for rails much better then that of the gen 8

Yes it does look very nice indeed… Was mentioned on the Discord channel a few days ago.

Where can I find some pics?


Oo nice, glad they are giving picatinny options.

I hear Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Jose Feliciano are dying to see them…

Evidentally, when they decided to play tennis… it was…

Endless love?noidea rofl


:dizzy_face::gun: really that was so bad dude

Eye see…:grin:

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ill be running the sd option

Hey Blackout,

From the picture it looks like the hand guards can be changed out for rail options to add lasers/ lights or grips so on. If you are talking about optics mounting, it appears so far the image shows one option which is a flat top rail that covers the entire top from rear sight to muzzle break.

Besides from this your other options are Chinese copies of small red dot mounts that are around $10-$15.