Anyone tried Dsg gears

Just wondering if anyone has seen if dsg builds work for gel blasters? If so what gearbox did you use?

Cheers boys

Not me personally but I’m keen to know more. @Rowan_Ralph at RPM Blasters is my go to.

Yeah i would like to see what ROF you would get with out exploding the gel balls in the process depending on what spring you are running.

I’ve created a 12:1 DSG gear set.

Rof is 54rps
Biggest fps 330. Run it at 240 fps

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Run a m150 spring

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What brand gears are you using and where did you order them from if you dont mind me asking.

I was looking right into it the last few days and i reckon it would be awsome on a gel blaster. Do you have a mosfet running also?

haven’t tried myself but i have used SHS 12:1 which were insane had to get a sector delay chip to get it to run right in my scar V2. also I’ve got lonex 16:1 which are awesome as well couldn’t say anything negative except the lonex were expensive but worth it.

sorry forgot to mention got mine from Airsoft station. but this was over a year ago before anyone local stocked them but now chainsawproducts has shs gears and eBay has a guy in Sydney selling lonex gears. as for MOSFETs haven’t used one yet but I’ll be getting a titan MOSFET from Airsoft station for my custom V2 build