Anyone used before?

Been chasing an aug hand guard for the look I want to make mine. Everyone is basically out except for this website here Same price as command elite hobbies. But has stock. Checked it out. Seems legit? Seems to be the website of tacticoolau. Uses PayPal. Their eBay site seems legit. Got a Facebook page and have seen CeH and them tag each other on insta.

Did I just get scammed or am I being paranoid? Chatted to them on their Facebook and over 2-3 days I got I’ll check soon (when I asked about my order). Details will be updated soon. Then the last was it’s shipped just waiting on tracking information.

I’m a little sketched on them even after I ordered. And the odd responses without giving concrete information only makes it worse.

Edit. I should note it’s now been 7 days since I ordered and the site says my order is confirmed but that’s it.

They are based in Shenzhen so will have delays with postage but are legit.

i bought some p1 barrels from them via eBay. got them without dramas. waiting on an o-ring kit now from a second order, their service was quick, predicted end of may to mid june delivery due to all the delays. ordered 6th may. its already made it to australia so should have it in the next week.

ive noticed CEH are stocking a lot of their P1 parts.


It’s good to know someone’s ordered stuff and gotten from them then. I just was still a bit unsure. They looked legit. But I hadn’t seen nor heard anything about them from anywhere. They quoted me 7-15 days for mine. But since there wasn’t even any notice that it’d been sent yet it made me a tad suspicious. Guess i’m just being paranoid :joy:

I used them a few weeks ago and was happy with the outcome, ordered the same as you.
Shipping took 3 weeks but heavily based on how fast your AusPost is handling the workload.

Yes once, still waiting on part of the items as some are send from aus some from china.
That was around march…
Wrote a couple emails about the missing stuff, never got a repky

So far nothing seems to have changed for me. Been a week now. Ironically what I ordered was the exact same handguard that you ordered :joy:

Apart from the msnger button on top of the links on the website , it seems legit and is, as above tacticoolau.
Just made a pretty decent order hopefully goes well.