APS Black Widow gearbox

Hey guys. So i bought myself a second hand tac edge platnum black widow. Going to use the silver edge box for my first metal build and was wondering what internal do they use??. I have a V2 cylinder and its a bit shorter and thicker than standard which makes me think its either not a V2 box or the cylinder is wrongly labled??

Any help is appreciated

You can’t use v2 stuff because you won’t get the travel you need for it to feed well and the cylinder is too long.
The stock cylinder and head are specific to the APS gel conversion.
The best setup is all Wells gear.
Metal head/nozzle, cylinder, tappet and a FB metal t piece w/ Adaptor
The tappet will need narrowing so it’s not tight in the APS box and the webbing will need to be removed.
This setup feeds like a dream :+1:
You will also need to file the cylinder head front face a small amount until it drops into the APS box.