Aps combat arms ak74 help

So I just got an aps combat arms ak74L and it’s not shooting the gels
The gels I’m using is ultra elite.
Seems like it’s going up in T piece but not in the barrel.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Batteries I’ve tried 7v and 11v

If I turn it upside down it works most of the time.

Sounds like maybe a mag feeding issue?

Does the motor in the magazine make a sound when you shoot?

Can’t test it now because it’s late. I have two of the same mags. Same issue on both.
When I do remove the mag a few balls fall out

Strip your mag apart see if any old dried balls are holding things up. I had that issue with my AK74L

Pop the grip off and disconnect one of the motor lines.

Insulate it so it can’t arc anywhere

Then you can test without cycling the box

wouldn’t a 9v on the mag terminals work too? save pulling it apart.

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It would but doesn’t test the blaster harness

The issue is reported across two mags

Oh yeah true :man_facepalming:t2:

Try some different/larger gels :+1:
Not all blasters like the smaller hardened gels and get jammed in the t-piece. This is why you get a heap falling out when you remove the magazine.

The Mag is feeding plenty, but they are not able to get through to the barrel :confused:

Check to see if the nozzle retracts back far enough to allow gels to feed into the t piece

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I used ultra elites exclusively in what APS call the AK74U version (actually an AKS-74) so I don’t think it’s the gels themselves.

My APS PMC AK 74 has no issues with ultra-hard gels. I put a 7.3 barrel in mine.

Have you done anything internal such as replaced the gears and or removed the sector delay chip?

His is one of the first AK74L s to hit Australia from Azraels I guess same as mine, but they are much the same sort of. Takes about half an hour to strip the front end.

All that needed doing was clean the mag of old dried balls, replace the worn piston as that was chewed out already and re ring re grease/lube. They are a solid 5kg blaster :muscle:

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There was nothing wrong with mine… but I had to pull it apart.

Aztech hi-flow piston head and full metal rack piston

Disconnected the blowback

Lonex gears

Aztech Hellfire hop-up.

Stabilised the new 7.3 barrel in 3 places and installed an Aztech Hellfire hop-up.

Jeez, they are a good blaster and I like the weight.

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Only thing I’ve done is remove the blow back
Tried with both still the same issue.
It’s brand new. Should have tested it.

Yea removed the blow back on mine. @X.AK.A-XIV I thought yours had the short guard exposed barrel AK-L I dunno mines got a short metal outer front handguard that is a PITA to get off lol

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Taking it back to azreals armoury tomorrow.
Will update you guys on how I go.


Best way to go, mine is like the tractor of the collection that just keeps going. Welcome to the forum btw :+1:


Mine is the PMC version. The top cover on the foreguard where the second battery goes is a PIA to get on and off… but don’t hold me to it, I think it doesn’t need to come off separately if you pull the hinge pin out. Then the whole front should just slide off once you take out the 6 screws above the magazine.

On the PMC the battery can go into the buttstock or the front… not sure if the wiring is in parallel or series, so it might be able to run both batteries at the same time.

I have to pull mine apart again… forgot to Loctite the piston head screw… and might JB weld the rack in place.

Yea the forum member I bought the AK-L from dual wired mine so I can stick a Turnigy 1.2 in the buffer tube. He did a nice job of it too :+1: