APS custom build show us what you got

Hey not sure if there is a form already or not I’m curious to see what everyone has made with there custom aps gearbox

Really happy with my APS purchase, solid build and quality from a reputable company.
No mods to fit 13:1 gears, performs every day all day…

AS A PAPER WEIGHT, as you can see my experience differs from others :rofl::rofl::joy::v:t4:


Ouch sounds like it was an experience paper weights

Think it’s a bit of luck, some boxes go well. Others…well they go bang. Roll the dice playing with cast boxes, anyway I hope you have better luck🤞🏽

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Heh your a funny guy.
I would never have known. Just small clues like the slight tinkering with a sledge hammer or maybe the final touch of trying to get that special shade of grey with a flame thrower by the looks.


I do like the APS box and have had some success with them. This is my my full custom metal M4 which is based on the APS box.

It shoots at 393 fps using the standard APS spring.

:rage: you’ve got the Arnold Schwarzenegger version APS

I got the Danny Devito budget line version


Well you got the look even down to the shades :sunglasses:


That’s A very nice build nice work on getting it to 393 that’s quite some FPS