APS gear box finally firing but

Finally got this APS gearbox working in my metal reciever, it’s been a bit of challenge. Lots of dremel work and joining and splitting wires which is not my forte.
I did it the Low Guido way using Wells internals which seems to be running fine except I must have soldered the positive mag contact wire onto the wrong side of the trigger switch so soon as I connect a battery the motor in the mag is constantly running. Kinda like an auto prime I guess.
Well I always wanted an auto prime function so thinking I should take advantage of this.
Any ideas lecci guys how I could have a switch to turn this on and off and where to mount it?

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You still need to fix that or your mag will be spinning up a milkshake of gell balls.

If you do make a mag prime switch, you also need a diode so the the mag prime makes the mag motor run but not the gearbox motor. Otherwise your magprime is just another trigger pew pew pew!

I obviously have way too many parts and have just found in my stash a mag prime kit which has one battery terminal and maybe a diode which is hidden inside shrink wrap and a switch.
There is no where I could mount that switch without looking tacky since I am using a metal receiver and metal gearbox.

Use a tilt level switch from jaycar so that when you tip the blaster upside down it primes the mag, no outside switch needed

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That sounds a bit to tricky for me…maybe white mans magic

Can’t you put a switch in the top of your receiver so when you pull the charging handle it does a mag prime?
(the nylon gearbox has a cut out for just that)
Or you could put a pressure pad one on the front handguard (same as the ones you use for laser, flashlight etc)


How’s the M180 for punch? I’ve got one of the M150’s for my MK build and am keen to know what they can do.

Just waiting on a new barrel and I will chrono test for you @BallBagFace.
I have a few guns going and want to do a comparison.

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I am keen to get the general spec of all in the spreadsheet.

M150 is around 492fps
M180 is around 590fps
unless you are using DSG which changes everything.

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Are you talking springs or motors?

Either way… gel balls will be turning into dust.

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He’s got a friend getting married and he’s building a confetti cannon.

Do you have to call “hit” with that or can you just


Has to be talking springs… springs dictate FPS… motors only dictate ROF :+1:

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Yeah obviously Low Guido thought we were talking springs and not motors. Not that anyone would ever use a 1.8 spring, my 1.4 shatters the balls…a bit like some girls I know :wink: He’s a busy guy educating the misinformed, don’t knock the legend.


Ain’t no knocking happening at all. Sounds like the only knocking is the ladies against your nuts :rofl:

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yeah I was thinking springs… because well that’s what I think of when someone says M150 or M180…
some genius at chihai has thought it a good idea to give motors the same name as springs now.


240 volts?! 175,000 rpm?! There goes the gearbox :joy:

Nah…but bearings and bushings are going to need active cooling

You really are a funny and informative guy for being the second best? Tell me who is top dog? I have this awesome ■■■…damn it I forgot it I broke it ;-(

everyone thinks I am such a serious guy because I’m a tech, but I’m the least serious guy… I am always taking the piss.