APS gearbox fitting problems

hi everyone I just got a aps gearbox to put into a hk416 and I can not for the life of me get any mags to go in. when I compair the aps gearbox i got to any gearbox i have laying around it looks like the black mag terminal plate is a few mm lower then all other gearboxes making it impossible to get any mags to catch. Is this normal or something wrong with the aps gearbox i got?

Hi, I think it may be normal. @Rattler might know a remedy :+1:

i hope so or thats $200 down the drain :frowning:

You could try shortening the mag terminal block by filing a bit off that touches the gearbox
There’s still a lot of room in that block

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i had a look at doing that but i would have to take away more then 50% of the block and i dont think il be able to use it if i take that much off

Azraels armoury had some 3d printed terminal block’s for gen 8/9 & wells that fit the aps box just not sure if they still have some

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thats the first thing i checked they dont have them anymore. its strange they went from the small gen8/9 block to this huge block that fits nothing

The one that comes with the box does fit the APS blasters and I also used one for my Wells metal box in an APS receiver.
But yes Azraels had a thinner one but I must have bought the last couple they had :grin:
You will have to make a block out of some plastic angle from Bunnings, if you have a look at the Well v4 you can see how to do it, it is not difficult to make something to fit, you could modify the one you have also by cutting it down
Or you can get something 3d printed.
Or try contacting RPM TECH shop he may have something.


They look like this

thats wells isnt? i would like a gen8/9 so the terminal are further apart

The one I was referring to is on the Well v4 and it is made out of a piece of plastic angle plate.

You could also cut the mag contact floor out of the Warinterest box and screw that to the APS box


Wouldn’t be that hard to make one👍

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gave it a dremel and i think i got it working :slight_smile:

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well i have ran into another problem. I guess the gen8 tpeice with the space is also ment for aps gearboxes as it wont let me close the upper as it hits the tpiece. is there a tpeice that fits or do i have to dremal to fit?

So you are using a gen 8 t piece or gen 9 ?
If you are using z gen 9 it is possible you may need to Dremel the receiver a bit and maybe shorten the feed tube a bit.
Have you tried the HK cylinder head/nozzle with the HK t piece ?

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I am having a great time fitting an aps box to xpower bd556.

yeah i was using the gen9 tpiece and to get it to fit i will have to dremel the receiver which i didnt really want to do. I have not tried the hk cylinder head/nozzle with the tpiece as i was told by someone else the tappet would also need to be changed at that stage i may aswell just change everything but the trigger.

i even tired to put mine into the xforce metal receiver same problems. starting to think i should just buy another stock box and just put that in and upgrade as these metal boxes dont seem worth the hassel

Pretty well every gearbox except the WI will be a custom fit, all custom builds are like this including the MK boxes .
The complete APS box from Azraels is designed to fit their APS blasters so fitting it to other blasters will require adjustments and different parts

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