APS gearbox into hk416D! Mag terminal wiring issues

Hey all so last night I decided to swap out the gearbox in my hk to an aps gearbox got it all wired up and chucked it in the receiver, put everything back together and put a mag in and the mag motor just runs continuously from the time I put it in… obviously I’ve muffed up somewhere just not sure where, anyone got any ideas?? I’ve attempted to wired the terminals in just as there’re wired in the warinterest v2 box that comes in the hk.

I’ll tear it down again and post pic here in case anybody is unsure what I mean by replicated the warinterest box. But I’m stumped ay :confused:

Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers to all

One wire needs to go directly to the battery lead and the other has to go after the trigger switch so the it doesn’t supply power until you pull the trigger

I’ve got the front on wired into the negative battery and the rear on is going to the trigger… perhaps I’ve wired it to the wrong terminal on the trigger? Am pulling the box apart now to get a pic of it all

I think that’s exactly that you done there mate. Wired it to the active side of the trigger.

Fml lol sounds it here’s a pic anyways, I’m too scared to touch it again now lol

Thanks guys for the input

Should I have wired it into the terminal on the right hand side in this image? It’s the terminal located kind of underneath the bar that locks the trigger… please excuse my terminology there it’s the best I can describe it

The black wire goes directly to the battery negative and the red one goes to the bottom terminal on the trigger block

The red wire attached to the front mag terminal ins negative in this case because I had no black wire long enough to reach the negative baterry

Sorry for the confusion there I forgot to mention that
@BigWeetBix was correct
Cheers heaps for the help fellas