APS mag block wire connections

Hey Guys, I finally got all the mechanics sorted out with my APS build, now I have to solder the wires to the mag block. I have many hats but electrician isn’t one of them. To me it looks like their is 2 positive wires going to the switch block. Is this correct? So I can easily connect the positive to that then have to run a long wire all the way back to the only negative wire coming in which is on the opposite side of the motor drive which I hate running wires past.


You are correct my friend two positives on the switch block and negative runs all the way from the battery. I’d probably replace that wire that’s damaged too don’t want that shorting out

Thanks Kenny, that is why I don’t like running wires past that motor drive cross section and now I have to try and fit a negative wire in that danger zone.
How do you guys run 2 wires across the motor drive input?
Yeah as you can see I had a loose grub screw on the motor drive and wore out the shealding on the wire.
Maybe cover them in araldite?

I just used some super glue for mine would have preferred hot glue but was to messy for my liking

Get a dremel and grind out the area where the wires go under the pinion gear, you only need to go 1mm down.
It’ll give you that extra space, then glue them down.image


Thanks @Hiroshima_screamer you would think they would make allowances for wires in metal boxes where their is more meat to hide wires. I have had this same issue in my nylon gearbox’s.

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Super glue ruins the wire insulation. You will never get it out again. Hot glue is much better.

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Also the fumes from superglue screw up electrical contacts

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Smells good but… :grin:


I just recite the chemical name for superglue in my head a few times then reach for the epoxy or hot glue whenever it suits the application :joy:

Don’t get me wrong, it definitely has its place. :+1: Evil stuff though.