APS Metal Gear Box fit to Metal Receiver

Hi Team,

I thought I would post this as a general FYI for those purchasing the APS metal gearbox from Azeal - as I had some trials fitting it to my full metal receiver (from Wish.com)

The main thing that is required is the spacer (6mm) between the Gen 9 T-Piece and the grearbox. There was nothing to say this is required and only from looking at a post from @Maystro did I figure it out. I used a Whiteboard Marker to solve the problem and it fit perfectly!

The other item was having to shorten the front of the T-Piece to fit the Receiver and had to dremmel the receiver to fit the Gen 9 T-Peice.

The only other fix was the fire select on the gearbox needed minor alteration to alow the fire select on the receiver to rotate correctly.

I also had to remove the blowback device as the charging handle wouldn’t fit as well.

One question I have for people is -what the hell to do with the wiring loom?? (pic below)

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Sorry mate, can’t help you with the wiring. I have enough trouble doing my own. Was wondering what stock that is? Looks nice with the black and tan.

Its a CTR - and the black bits are an addtional “Riser” - Ali Express has them.

Okay, thanks for that.

Personally I’d clip it and attach new lead just to tidy it up

But I’m a little oc like that

Is that the original battery terminals coming from the APS box? They use to come with some big ass fuse in between those joiners which was never going to fit in the stock tube. I got rid of that and those joiners and just re soldered the wires directly and heat shrank wrapped them doubly.

I thought it may be for a Mosfet? @Maystro

It’s good to have a fuse but that thing would never fit in the stock. I’ve been meaning to use one of those small blade fuses and shrink wrap the whole unit.

I’ve just moved my aps internals over to MK V2 boxes. I had Easyfets on themso had to tidyup the loom a bit to make it all fit in the biffer tube.

Nice @BigWeetBix

Where did you get that red nozzle tip from?
What’s it off?

Hittup @Rowan_Ralph at RPM. It’s a little sleeve that goes over the tip.

That other nozzle on the top toy looks like that hybrid unit which GBA use to sell and have now taken it off the shelf? Is that available anywhere else?

Yes it is. I might have something to report tomorrow though.

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I like it when @BigWeetBix when you have to go to these meetings with vendors :grinning: