APS on green gas with P1 mag

Hey guys.

This is my first post. Im sort of new to gbb pistols, but I have tested a few mods, etc. My previous gbb was the Well 1911… yeah. I popped a green gas mag in that with a P1 upgraded barrel and handed it to my son. It works sweet now.

I bought the APS Shark. After tuning the mag I broke a nozzle, but I will cover that in another post some time. It has also been slightly short stroked, slide lock still works though, so its not that far short stroked.

I read on here that the P1 green gas mag fit and worked. Yes it physically fits after a little filing of the base plate to allow it to clip in… but, even on brut sniper gas it doesnt have enough power to cycle the ■■■. Mag fits great, valve is at the right height, done the tape trick etc etc etc. Does not work. Co2 mag works fine. Can gas P1 mag does not.

Who has actual proof the APS can run on green gas? I firmly believe they can not.

I will add at the end here, my P1 mag is working fine, holds heaps of gas, valve works, sits higher than the APS so it should shoot more gas that the co2 mag. I even put the APS valve in it but that was even worse because the valve sits further in. I am a mechanic by trade for like 25 years, so Im not entirely silly :crazy_face:

If anyone can shed some light on the subject I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Api

Seeing as there has been a stunning amount of interest on this thread I thought I would clear things up.

This morning I thought the last item would be exhaust valve pressure. With some careful fuckery, I managed to cut back the valve spring so it has roughly the same opening effort of the APS valve.

This did not work.

So, for anyone that cares, your APS Shark WILL NOT RUN ON ANYTHING BUT CO2. The P1 mag holds less gels, and is pretty crap in my opinion.

For all the lovers of APS autos, the loading nozzle is pretty shitty. I recently bought the GunsModify TM G18c enhanced nozzle from HK. With its own internals, it works fine and should certainly last alot longer as the nylon is far more flexible. Other than that, I dont understand the hatred towards these pistols. The biggest problems are with the mag orings, easily bought from Azreals, or ebay. I only use silicon oil for the loading nozzle. All other parts, including the magazine orings, get a touch of inox mx6 ptfe grease. Its suitable for rubber and metal on metal contact. Slides well and does not melt. I do not understand why silicon oil is used on slides. You wouldnt use it on the real thing, these blasters are no different.

Anyways, theres a quick snappy rant/guide on the Shark. The rest of the mag issues are more than covered on this forum already.

Go shoot some shit.


How does yours go with breaking gels? Mine just seems to be an overpriced confetti thrower :rofl:

If you have tuned your mag Id say you are running too much gas. Try either removing one layer of tape or wind in your valve a 1/4 turn at a time if you did it that way. There is a sweet spot you need to find.

Or it could simply be your gels, try AKA ultra hards.

Yeah I’ve tried the aka and war interest gels grown for various amounts of time , still no good. I’ll try tuning the mag next time I’m home and see how that goes

If you get it right you should be at a comfortable 6 mags of 12 gels per bulb. Ive had mine up to 8, but that was a little soft. I found that even 1/8 of a turn on the vslve makes a big difference.

I just bought the metal mag release from Azreals, it holds the mag better so I will set my valve again this weekend, so that it runs out on the 7th.

Hey @Apiscerato and Welcome aboard the forum.

Throw up a pic and post of your APS Mods one day, always interesting to see others take.

I sidestepped the Auto’s and grabbed a Semi XTP and couldn’t be happier, though a fun lever would be nice. I also have a P1S among others and at one point was going to try and run the stable of Gassers all from the one Gas source, maybe straight Propane, maybe not (inside stink issue) but have since decided to keep the two separated, Gas and C02.

I haven’t fired an Auto Shark but they sound nice, apart from Magazine Gel count limitations. I’m a little unsure just how similar the XTP and Shark are but as you mention, the Mag O-Rings are my number one sore point, and then there’s the replacement cost, yikes! I see you say to get them from Ebay, I looked, I’ve now looked again, I can’t seem to locate the exact type, could you please hook me up and link me in if you know of a seller, thank you, and I’ll buy a whole lot.

Although I already have some high grade Lubes for Blaster needs I’ve just now ordered some Inox MX6 after reading your post, thank you, tipping point reached, I like to try everything once and the Mag O-Ring and Thread will be the first in line.

That’s it, no answers from me sorry, hope you get a config sorted out that suits, good luck.

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Is the metal mag catch the “match style” one?

I have some o’rings on the way, if they work properly I will post a link to the listing for you! I used a green scourer to soften up the edges where the plug goes into the mag.

The GunsModify nozzle part number is GM0331, I’ve since reinstalled the APS inner valve because it looks fancy.

Yes, the mag release is the metal match style one. The mag goes in with a firm click and has less wobble to it once in.

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I had my Mag threads for any burrs and the like before first use but hadn’t thought to scourer and soften the edges, something I will do tonight, thank you.

I’ve had a question for a while, asking you seems to be as wise as asking any other. With the XTP’s 2 stage magazine nut there are two O-Rings, I currently have a leak, I have one single O-Ring spare to fix it with. How do you / I know what O-Ring to replace. If I had two spares, I’d replace both, but I don’t. I’ve looked closely with a magnifying glass to look for nicks and such but they both look the same, either I can’t detect the issue or they are both equally shot. Any ideas?, your thoughts, thank you.

They are the o’rings I’ve just bought. I have them in my hand right now, when I get home tonight I will make sure they fit.
The factory ones are shit and damage easily, these should be far better. I will get back to you in a few

This is my Shark :grin:
Short stroked, GunsModify nozzle, match style metal mag release.


Looks good. Where you get the nozzle from?

The o’rings worked a treat!! So in this picture from left to right; Factory, Azreals, Api’s.

The factory one is just shit, its around 2.5mm thick and the wrong rubber.

The Azreals o’ring is very hard and roughly 1.75mm thick. These work, but, I can wind the cap in by hand easily and it has movement. They do seal, however I’m surprised they do. I have gone through a pair already.

Api’s specials, these are perfect (if I may say so myself). They are 15mm x 2mm and require the key to wind in the plug but with less effort than the factory ones. They are the Goldylocks o’ring. Ok, I haven’t put a bulb in yet but they will work great. They are softer than the Azreals one.

As for the valve… the outer one is thin, the inner o’ring is thick. Its almost impossible to refit the inner of that size. Azreals sold me some thin o’rings and they work just fine. They are 8mm OD, 6mm ID and 1mm thick.

Ebay listing links,

15mm x 2mm, item number 333460187822
6mm x 1mm, item number 123946893862 - I have not bought these ones, but they are the same size as what I’m using, so therefore they should work but try not to crucify me if these particular ones are crap :sweat_smile:

I got it from ebay, but there is a cheaper shop on the web that sells plenty of cool stuff. I ordered a second one from them with a spring set etc, once it arrives and I can confirm quality I will post it up here

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