APS, Original vs Gel

Does anyone know exactly how much is changed in the APS rifles to suit 7-8mm gels? I assume the Silver Edge is specced for 6mm BBs (though they might be for 8mm). If I had a completely standard APS rifle, would they fit the usual milkys or would they need some modifications to the gearbox and a wider barrel + t-piece?

Gel balls are 1-2mm larger in diameter so quite a lot is changed in an APS box to accommodate that.

If you are buying from an Australian store like Azraels they are already set up to run Gels.

List off what you are getting and where from and the more knowledgeable like @Rattler can help :+1:

Not too worried about the buffer tube, rails, outer barrel etc. since that’s standard V2 exterior stuff. Was thinking about working with a receiver and Silver Edge from asia***soft. Mainly because it’s cheaper and there’s a wider range of parts.

Ahh, if you can import these parts ok anyway…

So all the gel blaster APS units will have different sized nozzles & T-pieces at least.
There is a really good exploded diagram I found on the web of the APS V3 gearbox, very handy. Will try & find the link for it.

The inside front of the box has also been machined thinner to allow more tappet travel , and even then they only have just enough travel.

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Ok, thanks for that info Rattler.
So that explains why only the harder gels will feed properly with the APS box.
I suppose the softer gels will end up getting damaged or crushed when feeding, unless they are small diameter ones.

I used Red pack milkies even at 7.5mm without issues but if you do any upgrades internally you must very very mindful of tappet travel and position as even tiny changes can upset the balance.

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The gearbox you want from asiaairsoft is out of stock.
So receiver is from there $93.08
gearbox $107.99 (cut / trim cylinder down for aps cylinder head)
Then you need to get aps cylinder head,nozzle,spacer, jp tpiece, j9 outer barrel, aps tappet plate.
aps Mag terminal so around another $100
Then handguard,buffer tube,stock, grip and motor another $250-$300
Mags $25
So you end up spending around $500-$600. may as well get a complete aps blaster and not worry about trying to fit everything and waiting on shipping from asiaairsoft.

Ok, found the APS diagram here :-

Thanks for the detailed info on the specifics of the gearbox, just the kind of stuff I was looking for.

@Kamchop I wouldn’t mind if I were importing an APS rifle for the standard 200-300, but I’m planning on a mk18 build and don’t really want to spend 650 for a bunch of exterior fittings I won’t be using when I intend to replace them anyway.

Might pick up the silver edge from Azrael as that saves me buying a lot of internals individually

I personally wouldn’t go that way, buy a decent gearbox to start with

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Got some reviews of it on here

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It’s not a Well v2 box, it is a standard v2 gel blaster metal box and takes normal mags not Wells