Aps phantom extremis blasters

The tac edge hobbies phantom extremis look suspiciously like these on evike.com https://www.evike.com/products/91991/

How are they getting the clearly ■■■■■■■ blasters in? ideas?

Because they are the same thing but changed to only use gels and cannot use A/S bb’s.
Therefore it is not A/S it is a gel blaster.

So where are they being changed? Out of aps themselves? There is another recent thread with a user having accuracy issues. Is this because the changes to the a/s platform

Rattler i see you’re a bit of a guru when it comes to these aps blasters. I see your metal t piece spacers were a hit. Are you all out now? If you are how do you think a 3d printed part would hold up?

Yes they are being built in China by aps.
They are factory A/S units modified to become gel blasters and gel blasters will never have the accuracy of an A/S equivalent .

A 3d print should be just as good as the metal one I made, as long as it’s the correct size and spigoted to the front of the box it will work perfectly :wink:


Would you be able to send me the dimensions? I’ll then get my 3d designer mate to do up an stl. Then can share it back with you