APS V2 Gearbox with Bushings Opinions

What’s everyone’s opinion on the new revised cast metal V2 APS Gearbox with the Bushings?

Are they modable and harder cast metals or is it going to crap out just by looking at it like the first gen.

Thinking of purchasing the new V2, I have had experience with the first paper cast version.

A guy brought his Blitz to me yesterday for a service after around 10,000 gels and I found two issues.
This is a completely stock Blitz no upgrades or bigger spring!

Just WOW! I thought it was too good to be true. You have just given me the answer I needed.
APS and STILL = A PIECE SHIT :+1:t3::joy:

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i bought new alloy one and it came with bearings as it was not a replacement for one out of the blasters.
APSgbox (4)
I opened it up and put a radius in the front corners. It had no compression so i swapped out cylinder head to a double o’ring one and changed piston head as well. Took over a 1mm in shims on each gear to shim as well.Only had 1 shim on each gear out of box. Was kind of pissed it came with bearings to be honest.
Should have just got another cnc box.

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Yeh I didn’t think anything would have changed hence I wanted to see.
I have a CNC just wanted something less crazy.

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Funny thing is I am still running two of the original boxes and haven’t had a single issue with either one :thinking:
But have a go at what has happened with the bushes in the pic above, it’s hard to tell from the pics but it looks like on one side the bearing pocket isn’t in the correct position ?

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Top pic with the gap on back side. Can you post pics after you take the bushings out.

Exactly, I gave it back to the guy and he is returning it for a replacement.
I stopped when I found these things


Yeh I saw that. That’s insane.
I remember you saying you have two OGs and no issues :man_shrugging:t2:

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