Are realistic replicas really that important?

I ask this because if in states where they are banned without a licence due to “imitation” firearms are a problem, wouldn’t painting these nerf colours make them compliant?

Great to hear everyone’s thoughts?

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Unfortunately it would take a bit more than a paintjob to make them considered not a replica by the po po…

If you shoehorned a gearbox into a Nerf shell you may get away with it, but it depends on each state and what they determine defines a toy, replica or firearm.


Replicate power tools are totally fine tho, just saying :sneezing_face:

the problem is everyone KNOWS that an aSsAuLt rIfLe looks like an ar-15, which is one of the most popular model of blaster based on, everyone knows what and AK looks like, everyone knows shotgun or a MP5 looks like, all thanks to hollywood.
so i don’t think there is a way you can just “paint it" some funky colour and make it ok, because at the end of the day, that is not what really matters to those politicians who wants to ban/restrict the toys.

but, like Friendly said, put the gearbox into a nurf shell, or any sci-fi looking 3D printed shell, and you should be ok, FOR NOW. once they are done with this one thing, they will for sure move onto that as well.


I dont see why we can mount a gearbox in a nerf blaster and use that. The only problem ia the look. So if it looks like a nerf which we can buy from a toy store and the internals and gels are not illegal (only the appearance of an actual gum is illegal) then why cant we do that? Id be happy to mod a nerf to a gel blaster and get on a field and play


Some states have actually written that gel balls are considered amm0 under their firearms act, from memory this is the case in NSW?

But in states where that isn’t the case and only imitation firearms appearance stop gel ball from being a thing then yeah of course putting it into a Nerf shell would be fine or even converting Nerf to fire the gels like I did for fun.


How longs nerf been around? Did lots of people start buying them and start playing on lots of new fields?
Nope…cause they don’t look real.
GB has taken off because of this so i would say Yes, realism is important.
I for one am not interested in making my blasters look like nerf, coloured like nerf, smell like nerf, or be nerfed by others who have no interest in what i like.


Is there such a thing as an unrealistic replica?


Nerf modding has been around for over 10 years, though 3D printing has made that a lot easier in the past 3-4 years. Globally hobby grade Nerf is about 1/10th the population of air soft, and locally in states where gel ball exists I’d have to say it’s even less here in Australia.

Replica is a lot of the appeal to most people, despite the fact a few of us would happily go out blasting with them no matter what they looked like. Sucks that it prevents some states from having them though.


Been done plenty before… check out LG’s Fortninght Nerf blaster clip on the tubes. :+1:

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I like ‘loop holes’ there I said it. I like your thinking OP, trying to discover solutions to have the best of both worlds. The sole reason I’m here is the “imitation” that these Blasters posses. Take that aspect away and I believe a rapid decline in sales and activity would follow. I’m sure ALL of you were drawn to Blasters due to the realism of profile and then the addiction of modding and upgrading took hold.

Hollywood has so much to answer for as do the Media in creating and sustaining fear among the laymen and a quick spray job is not enough to penetrate these depths unfortunately, in my limited knowledge, limited.

The law addressing the ammo, the gel ball itself, to ward off hybrid creations, yeah, if I was a legislator, I’d begin there too, farkers.

Lots of excellent views expressed above with much insight into all the various points. If only ‘they’ could see how ‘we’ see but for a second.

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Have a permit system in place for scary coloured replicas and GBB etc, but an open system based ok UK (50% bright colours), and limited to AEG power only. One thing to note is now they are classed as replicas I wonder if they will still have an energy restriction?

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I am not a fan of this

Reason is simple…the people you are wanting to give regulatory power to…can’t be trusted.

If there is any doubt…consider how we find ourselves in this position

Because they said one thing, did another and lied whenever they interacted with us


Yep, closed minds and lip service only.
They’re fence-sitters and windsocks.

Looking at where the legislation is now, like it or not I think we’re going to be stuck with it.
And while the relevant authorities assured us they’d take a lighthanded approach back when all this started, it’s going to be like every other bit of controlling legislation that’s been passed… it’ll change.
One rozzer may look at your storage arrangements and be fine with it, another one won’t be. Same with a determination about whether your blaster’s an actual replica or not. It’s going to depend on who you’re dealing with at the time. It’s my biggest issue with all of this, important details are vague and a lot of it is open to individual interpretation ( back to the start of this paragraph).
This legislation’s drafted in such a way that I can’t help thinking that when it’s revisited to address the vagueness of it all, it’ll be ammended to bring in the tighter control measures and restrictions that are really on the agenda.


That last point, right on point, I absolutely believe that ‘it’ never lessens but always tightens, whether by purpose or my opportunity no difference to us, the end user always looses.

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You guys in states where gel is outlawed could now start trying to use QLDs proposed legislation to make the case to your own governments.


@BradleyPhillipsYT Bang on. :ok_hand:

It would be great if not a little ironic if the tightening up of things up here in QLD gives the other states the leverage they need to get gelsport legalised.

Hope it does :+1: I don’t see SA backflipping on their current course of action though.

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They will always do this. The problem is we have no real protected rights in this country or more importantly knowledge about what we have. As a result it’s just a steady amble down the road of restrictions that the pollys want and there’s no rush, after all something like gelball is a very convenient issue to place centre stage if you ever need a distraction for the public.

Point is eventually we get to the point where we have to either settle for restrictions or a ban. I’m not advocating for concessions or wanting that would accelerate the inevitable. Mmm maybe I’m just a bit grumpy today.

where i have arbitrary non representative infliction by a fraudulent regime…

i tend to be all sorts of perpetually grumpy

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You said man. Then I look at the gelball multiple associations, shitty business practices by many of the retail stores and a percentage of players more concerned with their ‘immersion’ than playing the actually sport and I don’t get the feeling this will all end the way everyone wants.