Ares DSR-1 owners recommendations

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has bought one of these and what their opinion is on it. I was thinking of getting something a little different but want it to be decent and actually have some accuracy (for a gel blaster that is)

I really thought about it, the Ares brand is right up there, quality gear, no worries there, but that price, and the unknown, and the what’s coming up next, decided to hold off and convert an AEG to Gas or wait and see what M4 Gas offerings come about, one or the other. The accuracy as you mention was also a deciding factor for me, there is no way in Hell it would fling a gel to match my expectations, never, not for that platform and that price tag. Has anyone purchased one, we’ll see.

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Are they even available? Wasn’t there a hold up on delivery?

Oh and where are the CEH minions to warn us about how evil WAT and LDT are??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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WAT is/was having a sale on them at the moment…25% off

Maybe enough of an incentive to ‘bite the boollet’? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah it’s been in stock a while now

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Even 25% off that’s a bloody big ask

But it’s still a third of the asking price of a GBU or CEH guru guilt special rattle can custom and probably triple the quality. I still can’t summon the interest in a gel sniper tho cos … gels.

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We have one at the shop. I wouldn’t buy one for game play. It’s sooooo heavy it’s not funny. FPS was under the 300 mark and the mag only takes 6 gels. Did I was it was fucken heavy? And The bolt handle broke way to easy. If you want it for a display peice then go ahead but to use it in a game? Nope. Just nope. Much better bolt actions out there. The m82 Barrett is great and incredibly easy to upgrade and get 400 FPS. And the new wells snipers hit 370-400 out of the box (but the stocks feel cheap like a GJ bolt action)


370fps same as the Well models.

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God how many months has it been since it was released until we got a video of it actually firing and an on-screen fps reading!
I want it, but it’s way too expensive :sob:
Non-discounted I can buy 3 new all metal aegs.

Not going to lie, I love the idea of one as a collection piece, maybe pull out for the average plink, laugh, impress people. Use on a field … pretty much none. You’re going to still get owned by a kid running a bog standard Gen 8.

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Or 3 of the new Well ones that have the same performance. Seems the cost is in the construction and materials.

The one we had was lucky to hit 260 FPS. I think one shot got to 280. Way to heavy to be game playable unless you didn’t want to move. And the bolt Handle breaks very easily. Also I found that the bolt quite often would not go back in all the way. But it is a nice display piece.