ARP9 Trajectory test and teardown

Hey guys, let’s go back and take a deeper look at the XYL ARP9. In this video, I’ll show you guys a better trajectory video and a complete teardown of this amazing gel blaster.

Let’s see what’s the secret sauce that makes this blaster so great!

p.s. I found no hop-up in there, my bad, I probably misunderstood what the factory said lol


Now that’s on point!
Time to order one if that’s the ‘out of the box’ accuracy.

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Wow, impressive!

Looks super solid and seems to perform pretty good straight out of the box.
Really digging the design of it aesthetically.

I’m nearly sold on it!

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Yep most certainly adding 1 of these beasts to the collection👍
Thanks for doing another awesome vid @galapagosj.
Just wish they would hit our shores already…
seems like its taking forever


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@galapagosj glad you’ve found a home here with us!

Was looking at the Wells CQB right until I saw the video on the XYL ARP9… always a fan of the “shorty” style of blasters. Keep up with the content, it’s awesome.

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I’m a member and it’s not letting me watch the video ?

all of galapogis J’s videos have been taken down, because he got in trouble with his local po po :frowning_face:

That sucks look like he had some good content.

I know right? I really feel for the guy.

The video your trying to watch was my first ever gel blaster video when my mates started getting interested in the sport, and my heart got set on one.

And you couldn’t get one. So bought a gen8.5, did it up a little, painted up and gave it a “zombie killer” look, got it stable and accurate, then bam, there it is at m4a1 and now I have 2 blasters :).

Short of a full metal blaster, you pick one up and you wanna take it home. Had the ability to compare it directly with the hlf while I was in x-force, and they feel very different.

If your on the fence, go to m4a1 and pick it up. Definitely feels like you aren’t wasting your money

UH-1 site makes it look small thou :wink: