Asia soft upper metal receiver

Weirdly enough, customs let through the lower half, but took the top half…
But now in need of the upper half.
Just seeing if anyone has one so I can finally finish this build.
Will basically pay whatever you want.

That’s odd. Was it an upper and lower set or were they packed together or did you order them separately?

Was an upper and lower set. But they sent them in seperate packages.
Bottom came through, top didn’t.

Did you receive a letter ?
You might still get it, sometimes it takes a while to clear customs

they got my stag arms receiver yesterday…dogs…bu my other receiver got through np, Asiaairsoft is refunding me for it but…good shit

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Do they have a guaranteed delivery policy?

i do not believe so.
i have emailed the guys but haven’t heard nothin back yet.
i’m pretty sure they took it.
i’m waiting on a Hawkex one too, but lawd knows how long that’s gonna be

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So i got the customs letter today.
they officially took it.
weird they let the lower through and took the upper.
nothin i can do from here is there?

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You could try and claim that it was misidentified as an asoft part when infact it is a gel ball receiver?? what was their reason on the seizure notice?

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Was the lower piece one of the Nerf marked ones?

good idea!
i will try.
they conveniently dated the letter the 23rd.
and i just got it today. better hurry

nah. not a nerf one.

You will need supporting documents, web site listings, invoice and photos showing it is a gel blaster part and not a/s
They will make you jump through every hoop possible and if your not prepared to go the distance, put it down to experience and move on :no_mouth:

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Can’t hurt to try - the worst they could do is say bad luck it’s our toy now. But it also raises the question what defineds asoft parts vs gel parts? Considering 95% of both aeg’s parts are identical shouldn’t it be argued that it is a gel ball not asoft receiver (EDIT: even more so now QPS aren’t issuing permits for receivers or parts)? Unless of course it’s in a box that says asoft receiver then they have you dead to rights :laughing:

QPS never had permits for receivers or parts , nothing has changed the permit is for complete gel blasters and you still need one for them.
It will be difficult since it’s the top half which normally has nothing on it identifying it as a gel blaster specifically and it looks and feels like a weapon part, plus the fact that it was separated from the lower shows some degree of deception to get it through.
The only times I have had success is when the carrier was FedEx, TNT or similar who pre clear customs and when an issue does arrive they are your go between.

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Even a lot of big blaster importers in Australia lose container loads to customs regularly :frowning:
Probably one of the reasons we get ripped so hard on prices here :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


the hell with it.
i’ll just wait until my Hawkex comes through and steal it from that build

Which upper and lower did you order? Mine never cleared customs and it turned up.

one of the full metal.
was sent in 2 packages. lower got through, upper got seized, got the letter and all.

Yours obviously cleared customs, it just didn’t show that info on the tracking page, not unusual