Aster v2 mosfet trigger programming

If anyone has some tip and trick I would love to hear them I can’t work it out and it’s doing my head in thanks

I don’t have one but I may be able to help you.
What exactly is the problem your having ?

When I plug the power in and hold down the trigger with safety on for the right amount of seconds it flashes lots of colours then stays on orange the release the trigger in semi and I get two beeps but no blue light just stays orange I have looked at all the wiring and looks fine battery is charged motor is good I don’t know thanks for your input as Well rattler

Did you do the calibration and did it pass ok ?

Yer that when all good and thats as far as I could get

It looks like you should be in semi not safe ?

Thanks I will give this a try try

Cool thanks for that need a new tool lol

this is killing me i cant work it out watched that video and the read the manual for the 100th time i cant get it not to have a orange light on the hole time took the gearbox apart again looked at all the wiring and i cant see any thing i am wishing i never got this thing !!

Are there any buzzes with the orange light ?
Orange means warning and the exact buzzes say what the warning is.
Have you tried a reset and re calibration?

Oh also make certain every sensor is clean

3 buzzes i have tryed to reset but it wont do it iam starting to play around with the stickers the you put on the selector i will check the sensors too didnt do that before

3 buzzes and an orange light means under voltage protection or the number of cells detected is different than what is set in the program

yer i read that but i have checked the battery and used 3 different ones and all saying the same thing ?

Try this reset

b. Pull the trigger
c. While the trigger is pulled, connect the battery (ignore warning vibrations)
d. Hold the trigger for 10 seconds until you hear 2 vibrations confirming the reset
e. Release the trigger

  • Notice The trigger must be hold down throughout entire operation – from plugging the battery until you hear the vibrations.

Then you do a calibration

Sorry bro I know it’s frustrating but I can only try to help you from reading the manual since I don’t have one and I am not there to see it.
Now if it was a Perun I would be your man :frowning:

yer i just got to put the gearbox back together and i have nothing for you but love brother i will try and reset and calibration i really do appreciate everything you have done and are doing not just for me but everyone on hear


yer i think i reset it but it wont give me any beeps when recalibration iam going to call it a night and see what tomorrow brings cheers again !!

Yeah no worries bro, I think you may have a set-up install issue or dirty sensors