Atomic armoury gels

Anyone used? , came with a package today and dont even remember ordering them . Came from ceh , never seen anywhere else.

Packaging looks decent , ill grow some and measure , check hardness and see what theyre like and report back.


The second best blaster channel made a vid about them, apparently they about the same as the AKA milky


Ill check the choob cheers

Aah videos only 3 days old…

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Yah, I actually got a pack last week, haven’t had time to test tho :frowning_face:
Rather than hardness, I am more intested at it’s average size tbh


Yeah the reason I dont remember ordering them is cause I didnt. Checked my order details before.
I ordered red war interest gels for my red n black blaster. Cheeky of ceh to decide Id rather these ones …

Ive grown these last week and on average ive marked them as 7.3. . theyre actually quite hard , so not too bad compared to alot of gels.

Bit more consistent sized than aka’s too . @icarus1314

Often find a random biggy in them?! Q.c? Lol
Heres the weird part , I noticed today they dont grow round . Looks like milk teeth lol. Ive coughed up rounder looking things…
This is only 15 mins into growing tho lol

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They should become round once fully grown. I think I have seen AKAs do that or maybe it was ultras, cant remember :man_shrugging:

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Theyre already looking really round and consistent sized.

I’ve used them. Mine averaged 7.1-.15.

Good ammo. Expensive though. 3 packs just to fill a 3l bottle. Not worth the price imo