AUG jamming in semi auto

Wondering if anyone else has issues with the LH AUG jamming in semi auto?

Running 11v battery?

If it’s jamming when on 11v a Mosfet will help. I use the Warfet which is great and easy to use, just plug n play. Until then just go back to 7v.

I used to get it a lot when I was trying to do light accurate trigger pulls, the motor doesn’t really respond like that without a Mosfet as it requires one solid pull and a solid connection.

Thanks for that. Yes it came with 11v so that’s how I’ve been using it. Had a feeling it might have something to do with that.

stick with a 7v as it was designed to have…less stress and less drama.

Interesting that the 11v was sold with it then. Better get myself a 7

Also check your motor height is set exactly.

It is possible that with a 3S battery, a pull and release of the trigger is giving it one cycle and a bit… the anti reverser thingy wont let it go back once it passes ‘go’… so the next cycle is starting out of whack?

The guys suggesting a mosfet are probably right… if the trigger is pulled too quickly to do a full cycle (a standard ‘go button’ trigger switch)… from what I understand, a mosfet will do a complete cycle and stop at the right place any time it gets a signal, no matter how small? :thinking:

nah, LH wants to put 11v in everthing, they are the dude that made the vector.