Australia the laughing stock of the world or Down Underdogs?

Geez get a load of these poor bastards in the land of Kangaroos and Koala Bears downunder. Their government wont let them play with big boy toys and only a part of the country will let them play with kids gel blasters. They’d be better off throwing rocks at each other than those pathetic wanna be Soft Air XXX’s (rhymes with funs).
Well that’s partially correct but down here we’re making the best out of what our lawmakers allow us to have and in the process we might even be developing a few things that would put those folks who pity us to shame.
You see, if we all lived in a country where Soft Air was permitted there would be stores you could hand over your hard earned to and walk away with off the shelf equipment that required no modifications to be competitive on the field. Your weeknights would consist of watching you tube funnies and chasing your missus around the house and occasionally you might drop your equipment to the store for a service.
But not here, off the shelf equipment in gel blaster speak is something your grandma wouldn’t be impressed by and you literally would be better off throwing rocks. There’s never enough time between weekends to complete your builds and even if there were you are probably waiting on parts that will most likely end up in the lounge room of some dude who works at Border Force.
I’ve touched on this before in other posts, the fact is that the demands on Gel Blasters are significantly more than that on their bigger brother Soft Air and I’ll tell you why. Full auto is rarely permitted on fields OS, it simply isn’t required and is a waste of expensive ammo. Even with full auto hitting a target with a gel blaster can be a struggle for a lot of folks. What you shoot in one day on the field most Soft Air users wouldn’t shoot in a year, maybe two. You then shoot the same through the week and more the next weekend and so on. I recently clicked over one million shots with just one of my builds, the shot counter on the Leviathan is like an odometer in your car and it had a meltdown at six zeros then started reading 67 million. The guys at Jefftron were speechless, it was never anticipated that the FCU would be used to that degree. It was never anticipated because you simply don’t shoot that much in Soft Air.
Where’s all this going I hear you ask?
Well, I’m not the only trigger happy gel baller in the country and I speak to people all the time who are having to build or modify equipment to have something worth using. The amount of building going on down here is like nowhere else. and everyone involved is developing skills way beyond that of your average Soft Air participant.
So whilst the world might pity us and have a laugh at our expense what they don’t see is how good we are making these kids toys and how Aussie ingenuity is making the most of the situation.
If Soft Air is ever unlocked for our enjoyment the tech you guys already poses is gonna make for some body art at the end of game day worthy of calling you all “Bruisemasters”.
Come on Aussie
Oi, Oi, Oi.


Lot of truth in that Sam, well put. :+1:

Well said. One of the best posts on here for a long time :+1:

Haha true, my youngest two shoot a couple of thousand rounds at boxes in the shed easy.
Stuff picking up cc’s all over the floor, it’s much easier to just sweep up gel ball splatter :joy:


If you consider that we are shooting perhaps 1000 gels to 1 Soft Air pellet and then compare the wear and tear by comparison it quickly becomes apparent that having the best quality equipment is necessary to avoid continual breakdowns. Even then the best quality equipment isn’t designed to do the amount of work we demand from it but at least it will stand a chance.
Almost all the components we utilize are sourced from Soft Air and you have to keep this in mind when building. If Soft Air is baseball then we’re playing cricket with a balloon! Same, Same but different.

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too much my friggin reality atm.

Ok well how about this zeHamish…

My cat has a fluffy tail

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True True,
id still accept soft air even if they looked like nerf blasters and then modify for the fun - if offered just for the accuracy and range.

Ooo…that cat has a fluffy tail…

Pics or it didn’t happen :rofl:

I’m off to cry into a beer and look at my L1A1 soft air dream again…


Yeah we can tinker and play but it’s still a poor substitute for air-soft. Maybe the average gelballer knows more about their blaster than the average airsofter but I think that’s also more of a numbers game. There are very few people in Aus playing gel ball, so given it’s a niche sport your more likely to get more enthusiastic people who will tinker for the fun of it. As you get more players you’d find that starts to drop off as more players equals bigger supporting industry behind it, more and cheaper servicing and wider variety of types of players, like those who just just plug and play.

I do think we are just making the most of what we have, which is awesome. Fingers crossed we get air-soft one day… but I doubt it, not in australia

its probably that we HAVE to know more to get a more adequate behaviour from them for reasonable game play.

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Yep, poor mans air-soft :grin:

would ya’all buy soft air if the blasters looked like nerf blasters?
still same performance as soft air (range FPS power accuracy) just looks toyish so maybe more chances of it getting approved?

As for the BB seen as a projectile side, what if we were capped at certain joules per impact?

Or is there any new tech which can manufcture heavier gel balls or a blaster mod to make them more accurate = more range?


there is some chatter around the environmental pollution element of the gameplay which i feel should be given fair consideration with both GS and AS moving forward.

sure, we play in limited areas but those areas are connected to the wider environment…

but if my “toy” of choice did not look realistic it would not bother me in the slightest provided it performed competitively

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If it looked like a nerf I’d never have bought one


All comments are appreciated and in an effort to not get off track I’d like to reiterate the (what I believe to be the fact) point I’m making and that is… Gel blasters work much harder and cycle significantly more than Soft Air counterparts for the reasons stated previously.
Our equipment is getting better by the general public’s improved competency for modifications and the quality of what is available off the shelf has improved but; Soft Air customers over seas can purchase equipment right off the shelf that its quality is only limited by the amount of money they wish to spend.
Whoever conceived that a Soft Air device could be converted to shoot a gel ball probably never imagined how well it would be embraced by a country longing for this type of sport. We are taking this to the next level people and I am suggesting that the level exceeds that of Soft Air as a necessity.
This opinion is referring mostly to our modified equipment and to support this view I will briefly discuss heat and available space.
As I push my equipment further and further one of the main concerns becomes the operating temperature after a full magazine is depleted. From the battery to the motor heat is a killer and becomes the single limiting factor to pushing further again. Even with the absolute best quality equipment available and meticulous construction the components heat up because they were simply never intended to by cycled to the degree I’m demanding from them. Specific components of a higher capacity and quality are therefore required if I am to further improve my builds, stuff that just doesn’t’ exist in Soft Air. Better FCU’s, better motors, better cabling. The answer to all of this might be “Brushless” but this technology is still in its infancy for blasters. The available space in a blaster limits the overall size of components, short of Tony Stark’s “Arc Reactor” maybe there’s nothing else that can make the power required to drive a Gel Blaster mag after mag on full auto punching out 400 plus 40 times a second… and fits into a grip!
I continually see some of the best components Soft Air has to offer worn out or destroyed in a Gel Blaster, why is that? Please don’t say “your shimming is out”. hahaha


can i join in with my Dragonov,DP28 and RPK dreams?

I’d buy a air-soft setup regardless of what it looked like as long as it functioned properly. Would be kinda cool running around the field with everyone running sifi gear.

To your point bruisemaster, yeah I think or blasters take a pounding but that’s because we are forced to use weight of fire to compensate for accuracy. I mean these tricked up massive fire rate and fps are basicly flamethrowers :wink:


You hit the nail on the head it’s a game of numbers, the more gels you spit down range the more chance you have of hitting a target.

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