Automatic pistol mods -Galaxy Glock-

So while I wait for a jingji mauser to arrive, thought I might pull apart a Galaxy Glock.

Replaced stock spring with a cut down 1.3mm rifle spring and added a 7v battery.
Which has increased distance before drop off by roughly 3-4 metres.

Next will be replacing the motor with a stock m4 gen8 motor whenever that arrives or if that doesn’t fit a brushless high torque quadcopter motor and adding an aluminium barrel.

Anyone else kit out their auto pistols beyond just a spring replacement? Has it worked? The hardest thing I’m finding is where to source metal gears… every custom machinist I’ve asked said it’d be ridiculously hard and expensive to make these gears metal.

So the choices are
-just get the gears made in nylon or other tough plastic

  • D.I.Y sand cast high strength aluminium gears


Smash together a custom pistol gearbox that would fit shs metal gears.

Another option to sand casting (and a bit more involved) could be the jewellery method of lost wax casting.
Could give a much finer / better final result, only issue with casting of any sort is whatever you cast, it will shrink by anything up to 10% depending on different factors. Shrinkage sucks when it’s for gears that have to mesh precisely… When making rings I always made the mold 5-10% bigger so the end product was the right size

Ps. Like your quad copter motor idea… :thinking:

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Lost wax does seem like a better method especially with those multi tiered gears! Might just test one set through the sand and see how we go.

Found a cool method for casting gears and keeping the shrinkage at a minimum, just wrap the gear teeth with a layer of foam tape and cut teeth spacing. The extra diameter allows for shrinkage/filing back to original size.

Drone motor seemed like it’d work, high torque small form factor but I found a chihai motor today that might fit without problems.

Chihai CHR 370s
Chihai CHR 540