AW and EMG models

And there are more Glock alike blaster…:roll_eyes:
Anyone exited about these:™-blu-standard-training-gel-pistol

The WE Tech customs by Armourer Works are getting no hype from Tac Edge. I find it weird that these AW pistols aren’t being marketed. There are some nice looking gel blasters on the AW Web site. Only a few have trickled in quietly with no fanfare.

Desert Eagle would be nice:■■■■■■■/■■■■/pistols/cybergun-desert-eagle-50ae-chrome

Hopefully they will add them to the gel blaster range.

I emailed them asking about the HX series and the EMG licensed ones, and they said they had another AW shipment coming. They were hoping to get it before Xmas.


What models are you interested in?

All of them :grin:

But I do like these 3

And I can’t leave this one out

They didn’t actually say what models they had coming, just “more AW pistols”

I like the iron man coloured schemed one lol. That being said I really doubt the performance of these.

I heard the WAT was going to get distribution rights for AW Custom. Unable to confirm

I asked WAT some time ago when they were getting the AW pistols, and they told me “they were still with the manufacturer”

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Happy cakeday @HelterSkelter!

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Thanks mate.
Apologies for the late reply. I was a little busy yesterday, and wasn’t on here much.

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Thanks for that.

A couple of the AW Hi-Capa models now at TacEdge