Awesome bargain! something different... 20% off Armoured Heaven

Armoured Heaven is having 20% off for the next few days so great opportunity to get a p90 $100 and a f2000 $75 for an additional 20% off !!! (code: 20-OFF)

If you want these to chop up to make some cool weird looking shit, now is the time!!

Challenge - cut up the P90 and make it work like the F2000 with M4 mags :slight_smile:


Oh nice a f2000 but must be a sack for $75.

@Arty_Marty how do you find the quality of the P90 body?

What magazine does the F2000 use?

Smaller capacity than Gen 8 but the same contacts/format, however the catch design is completely different.

P90 body is solid as. very thick nylon. nice feel and weight…

and for $80 is actually a cheap stock and foregrip for this sort of thing too:

(not my work but a cool idea!)


Theres a very similar looking but sci-fi punk look rear and fore grip set on ali that like 80 a piece xD
Using p90 is great if one knows how to work plastic/nylon :+1:

Good thing about nylon is that two part glue like jb-weld fuses with it great :slight_smile:


Are these a Gen8/460 motor version P90?

Not 100% sure. It’s the Nylon outer shell on the actual blaster, with the motor in the magazine version. Bing Feng V3 according to the photos.

Marty you of all people :zipper_mouth_face:


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Well, I did make sure I got my order in before I told you guys… Haha

But anything to promote the wonderful world of bulpups and weird shit…

Everytime I see a p90 less than $90 I buy one. I’ve got 3 now… :grin:


No your spelling also needs work :rofl:

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Oh yeah… Fixed it… That’s what I get for typing half asleep… :rofl:


Hi Slick. Actually for the 75-bucks its pretty good. I bought one for myself and liked it enough to buy one for my best mate. It’s not too high-powered, about 170-190fps from memory, but it has a nice feel, and is actually pretty accurate, that’s what my mate liked about it, he could hit where he pointed it. Only thing is you need to mod another magazine to add extra mags, as it’s real hard to buy them. Brad from Armoured heaven I think recommended a gen-8 mag with mods. Cheers. $75 with 20% off would be a steal, much better than 98% of the pistols. Cheers!